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Retailer lists Metal Gear Solid for PS Vita
posted on 06.03.12 at 05:51 PM EST by (@salromano)
No, not the high-definition collection.

Play-Asia is listing a Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation Vita, available in both the English and Japanese languages.

Now, before you say, “But it’s just the HD Collection, which we already know is due for Vita this month,” think again. The retailer has up separate listings for the PlayStaiton Vita HD Collection (English, Japanese).

As PSNStores’ Ben says on NeoGAF, “So… Kojima sure is in LA isn’t he.”

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  • KingOptimus111

    E3 one more day

  • rockman29

    Come on killer app for Vita!

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Vita still has no games. And its DOA. And the 3DS’s first 9 months were littered with killer apps as well as amazing online and well…..two sticks are overrated!

    Am I doing it right Nintedo Fanboys?

    • JTX09

      @Malcolm Reynolds: I would no doubt understand that kind of talk somewhere like N4G, but what is the point of making those types of comments on every article here where nobody is saying anything bad about Vita, or 3DS for that matter?

      y u so negative? Its not fun to read after the first time.

    • KingOptimus111

      Yep you doing it right but in all seriousness there is another rumor about resident evil being unveiled tomorrow for PS Vita.

  • Zero

    Is it a new game? Or something like MGR with transfarring?

  • FaithlessMr

    Hopefully it’s something new…or at least, I hope Sony announces a new feature that enables the Vita to play the ps1 games on the store like the psp did.