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Rayman Legends, Zombiu could go multiplatform
posted on 06.07.12 at 01:51 PM EST by (@salromano)
Wii U exclusives could go to other consoles.

Two of Ubisoft’s biggest announcements at E3 this year came in the form of a pair of Wii U exclusives: Rayman Legends and Zombiu. Both, however, could go multiplatform, Ubisoft has hinted.

Asked by Gamexplain whether or not Rayman Legends was exclusive to Wii U, engine architect David [last name not provided] said: “Well, at E3 we just came to show the Wii U stuff, but we are not saying that it’s completely exclusive to it.” When a trailer for Rayman Legends leaked back in April, it mentioned “Wii U exclusive content,” leading many to believe it would debut on multiple consoles.

When asked the game’s release date, David looked around nervously and checked with a co-worker to make sure it was something he could say. His co-worker said to ask Nintendo, but he went ahead regardless to say “around November.”

Nintendo has yet to set a release date for Wii U – Rayman Legends may have just provided a month to expect it.

As for Zombiu, the tease comes from Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key.

Zombiu at its core was designed to be a great Wii U game and in order to make that work on other platforms they would have to change a lot of what makes the game cool,” Key told IGN. “And I’m not saying that can’t be done, but not in the next six months, you know?”

Zombiu is due in the Wii U launch window.

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  • Kougeru

    they might wanna change the name of Zombieu then lol

  • rockman29

    Is Rayman Legends seriously not coming on other consoles!?


    I really hope it comes… Origins was so damn fun…

  • BizarreJelly

    Wait what? Rayman Legends was exclusive!? Hell no! It better not be!

  • I want Rayman Legends for PS3.