PlayStation lineup E3 sizzle trailers - Gematsu
PlayStation lineup E3 sizzle trailers
posted on 06.06.12 at 05:38 PM EST by (@salromano)
PlayStation Vita sizzle includes Hatsune Miku.

Sony has released three E3 sizzle trailers showcasing its PlayStation lineup. There is one focused on PlayStation games in general, another focused on PlayStation 3 titles, and the last focused on PlayStation Vita’s lineup.

The PS Vita clip features Hatsune Miku, known as Hatsune Miku Project Diva F in Japan, which has yet to be announced for localization. The game is also playable on the E3 show floor. We’ve contacted Sony for further details. [Update: According to Joystiq, the E3 demo is meant to be a “sneak peek” of what’s coming to Japan. Though, we’re not sure why it would be included in the video, then. It’s a bit misleading to consumers, I would think.]

Watch all three clips below.


PlayStation 3

PlayStation Vita

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  • rockman29

    Please… less Move…. unless they decide to make a seriously dedicated hardcore game for it… I’m still not over how awesome that bow and arrow tech demo with the skeletons was for Move in E3 2010 or 2011… I suckered myself into buying one, but I want to see a damn great game for it! I want an actual adventure game like Jak & Daxter or Zelda where I’m actually playing a game but Move is a part of it, not just a novelty game.

    Maybe on PS4… hopefully it will be compatible with the Dualshock 3 and Move controllers… in fact I expect it to be! :D

    (Ninty and MS must make a shitload of $$$ off of having new controllers every generation btw…)

    • AdamBoy64

      @rockman29: Well, Sony would too – none of their controllers are backwards compatible either.

      But, it looks like Wii Remotes will work with the Wii U. And yeah, I couldn’t see why the Dualshock 3 couldn’t work with the PS4. (They might change the design though, but it’d be pretty unlikely)

      Will be interesting to see what MS do for their next controller.

      • anime10121

        @AdamBoy64: Not exactly backwards compatible, but you can use Sony controllers on newer hardware. PsOne controllers plug right into PS2 slots (even the ones without analogues) just fine and PS2 controllers (with an adapter) play well with PS3.

        Anyways was hoping to see more on Vita, as that was my only real disappointment out of E3 (wasnt really expecting much as over the last couple years E3 has been increasingly lackluster while IMO TGS and Lipzeig {however you spell it} to a lesser extent is where its at).

        • AdamBoy64


          Oh okay, yep. From what I’ve read, the PS2 > PS3 controller conversion was never officially supported.

          I can understand why though. Companies exist to make money.

          If they felt like they could make more money from the controllers, and thereby not have to price the console as high to acheive their sales targets – then I believe that’s a good thing indeed.

          The only time I think this is frustrating is for DDR fans – and Dance Mats not being compatible between systems.

          Not only because they’re expensive, but you don’t want to have multiple dance mats for multiple systems – you’d have to store them all somewhere… lolz.

  • Hinano

    In response to the Miku thing. SEGA PR are just bad liars. Way too much contradictory.

    So I definitely think/hope it will be coming.

  • Need More Games in the Future

  • FearMonkey