Monster Hunter 4 due spring 2013 in Japan - Gematsu
Monster Hunter 4 due spring 2013 in Japan
posted on 06.30.12 at 08:40 AM EST by (@salromano)
Capcom shows off new logo, action-packed trailer.

Monster Hunter 4 will launch in spring 2013 in Japan, Capcom confirmed during a Monster Hunter stage at its Capcom Summer Jam event in Odaiba today.

A new trailer was shown, featuring new monsters, returning monsters, a new field, and new action. Watch it below. A new logo was also shared (posted above).

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  • Sal Romano

    Logo totally reminds me of Skyward Sword.

  • FearMonkey

    It’s not like I have anything against the 3DS, I’ll be getting one eventually for sure. But the main problem (though not a dealbreaker) with the PSP versions of MonHun, is that there was no second analog stick on the PSP for camera movement. But the Vita has a built-in second analog stick so what does Capcom do? They put MH4 on the 3DS that doesn’t have a built-in second analog stick. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    EDIT: For the record, I don’t have a Vita right now either.

    • Sal Romano

      @FearMonkey: I hear you – a lot of people want to see it on Vita, and you know what, I’m sure looking at Sony’s history with Capcom and the series, something is in the works – but let’s try and keep this discussion about the contents of the game, and not its platform.

      • FearMonkey

        @Sal Romano: Well, the game looks great regardless. :p

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      Capcom is scared to make a HD Monster Hunter. Same reason they canceled Monster Hunter 3 for PS3 just to develop Monster Hunter Tri for Wii because it was much easier. Its not about the analogs, to them its about which platform they can develop easy on. If we see a PS Vita Monster Hunter it would be a while.

      • Nagi

        @KingOptimusOrigins111: I really think it wouldn’t do to well, I think a lot people would criticized the game for being to “archaic”, or moan about the “clunky” controls and ultimately be too intimidated by the learning curve.

        Games such as Monster Hunter have a better chance of not only selling better, but maintaining its identity, rather than reforming itself to appeal to the masses if it stays away from the 360/PS3 platforms.

        When Capcom makes games for HD consoles they always have mass appeal in mind, and the current design of Monster Hunter wouldn’t accommodate that.

        However I heard Dragons Dogma is a good alternative if you haven’t tried it yet.

        • KingOptimusOrigins111

          You never know but thats why its called risks. You take a risk and if you do bad you learn from your mistakes and move on.

          I’ve said it before third party developers don’t like to take risk and thats why the gaming industry is barely growing.

          As far as Dragon Dogma. I’ve tried the demo and I felt like its something I would wait till it drops to $30.

          • Nagi

            @KingOptimusOrigins111: Oh their have been developers taking risks this gen, and have taken the bumps and bruises that came with it. Just look at the current gen line up Sega has created and distributed this gen, how is that working out for them?

            Lets not downplay risk in the game industry here. Ambitious and creative projects have a chance of completely bringing a developer and or publisher to its financial knees if commercial reception fails to be satisfactory. Games that incorporate a moderate amount of unconventional or creative design more often than not, receive the cold shoulder from the majority of gamers.

            As it pertains to Monster Hunter, I feel that it is, in a way, somewhat like Dragon Quest when it pertains to their presence in the gaming market. Both our commercial heavyweights overseas, and literally shuts down Japan on release day. However are niche at best, in the west. Why is that?

            Probably because the core game design of the said two titles, lack the fluidity, convenience, and logic that a mass number of gamers seek in their games that they’re willing to spend their money on.

            Masses don’t want to play a game with obscure control schemes, or battle animations that leaves your character open for seconds on end after each swing of a sword (Monster Hunter).

            Or in Dragon’s Quest case, the need to grind endlessly, just to keep up with the strength with the enemies in the game.

            So if you wanted to put these games on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, and wanted to put them into a position for them to become popular AS WELL as profitable (mind you, the former doesn’t guarantee the latter) then you would have to throw out a lot of the conventions that fans have grown attached to from the beginning.

            What I’m saying is, I rather not have that. If I have to sacrifice higher resolution, just so that a series, I love, doesn’t become susceptible of undergoing a radical transformation as attempt to become mainstream, so be it. I have MH Tri for the Wii, and its one of the best games I’ve experienced this gen, 480p and all!


            Was your first paragraph of your reply post, sarcastic? Not being defensive, just asking, cause I couldn’t tell. Regardless I do think Capcom is concerned with penetrating the western market, but probably feels that Monster Hunter may not be the particular IP to do it with. Hence…Dragon’s Dogma.

            • KingOptimusOrigins111

              I get were you are coming from but there are developers out there who don’t want to take risk.

              Lets start with Activision in 2003 Call Of Duty 1 was release it was more aimed to try to compete against the Medal Of Honor series back then and even though it was good a lot of people didn’t really find it better than MOH that much.

              In 2005 Call of Duty 2 came out and Activision finally got the warm reception they wanted. Then they released Call of Duty 3 a year later in 2006 which was about to turn this gen into multiplayer focused because at the time they had two developers Infinity Ward and Treyarch. In 20007 they released Modern Warfare and finally nailed the hype & the multiplayer focus and was the last COD game to have a good story and from there it was all COD milk for Activision. Still to this day they haven’t changed the gaming industry by making most casual gamers blow $60 on a game that doesn’t change anything to innovate the gameplay nor FPS genre. Year after year its been hyped and milked to sell millions why other games don’t get any attention.

              Capcom has always been awkward they sometimes take risk but this gen is not as good as last gen. Resident Evil 5 wasn’t bad its just wasn’t scary and I felt like it was tone down. After looking at Resident Evil 6 it looks like hype. Look at the tactics they’re using buy Dragon Dogma for 360 and get Resident Evil 6 demo early before PS3. All the ads towards the 360. After that E3 demo I was not impress.

              Moving on, DMC was a great franchise from DMC 1-4 but this DMC reboot is taking lots of risk and I like that but after all the hate towards it you have to wonder why didn’t they just cancel it and left the franchise alone. We will never.

              Monster Hunter, It started as a console game on the PS2. They’re is no excuse for it to not have one release on PS3. Since the beginning of this gen developers have complained how hard it is to develop on the PS3 and that is no longer the case. There are still some developers who have chose to just develop on 360 and port it to PS3. With the Monster Hunter developers I fear they just don’t like PS3 tech it has nothing to do with changing the controls. No one is talking about just graphics, if Monster Hunter was to come to consoles it would be on PS3 and Wii U thats double the chance to increase the sales. Xbox 360 wouldn’t be able to handle it nor would the fanbase like it since most of the 360 fanbase is American. You can say its fan attachment but really how hard could it really be to make it feel like the old Monster Hunters but add some new stuff to the gameplay.

              The Truth:
              I could keep going but developers like EA with their sports game. Micosoft milking Halo, Forza, Fable, & soon its going to be Gears. Nintendo with Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Metriod, Pokemon & more. Capcom with Street Fighter. Ubisoft with the Tom Clancy games and maybe Assassins Creed but 3 looks different from other AC titles. The list goes on and on. As far as Sega goes they have my respect with Binary Domain, Vanquish, & Bayonetta they’ve taken more risk then anybody else this gen along with Sony & 2k Games. Now I do realize that some of those company have release New Ips that were good like Dante Inferno, Dragon Dogma, The Conduit, Alan Wake, and more but the thing is those companies overshadows the games with their milked franchises and they barely get any spotlight.

              Sorry for the long wall of words to read.

            • KingOptimusOrigins111

              No, I wasn’t being sarcastic in the first paragraph. On my second post.

        • hush404

          @Nagi: @Nagi: You know, that makes sense. Why slave away at changing and upgrading it to appeal to a bigger audience if they can just rehash the same thing and know it’ll sell to a certain crowd.

          That said though, I’d love to see a MH title on my Vita, complete with decent visuals, camera control on the second stick and other improvements allotted with the system.

          Though, I think there’s even more at work here as Capcom hasn’t even decided if they want to bring MHP3HD to the PS3 outside of Japan, citing low sales figures for the PSP and Wii games as signs that it wouldn’t do so well.

          So, in the end, I feel that Capcom see’s it’s audience mainly in Japan and aren’t too worried about pleasing gamers outside of Japan if it means a lot more work on their end.

    • rockman29

      @FearMonkey: I have no idea why the heck this game isn’t coming to Vita either.

      I actually just bought one, and it’s freaking fantastic technically. No SD card and some other qualms aside, it’s a great machine. But it needs games.

      After seeing Uncharted’s demo on this thing… wow. This thing has got the stuff.

  • RyoonZ

    70% of this trailer is made of jump.
    It’s like jump is the selling point of this game :P

  • whiteferrero

    the gameplay – battles – look awesome. which i can’t say the same for the graphics though. I thought MH3 in the PSP had better looking visuals. maybe it’s just me.

  • JustBlaze

    Monkey Hunter 4!!!

  • Matthew Frassetti

    I just had to get in on this discussion.

    I’m sure a second analog stick would make more sense, but after putting about 600 hours into the PSP titles, I don’t see it being a big deal. The MH community in America is a very small one, and the “crab” style of play is just something that grows on us I think. I know not everyone will agree, but for me, it doesn’t matter either way. It’s sort of landmark thing for me to have to play a MH title with a weird finger position on the handheld, and I surely won’t mind with the 3DS.

    I one hundred percent believe that Capcom wouldn’t do an HD Monster Hunter justice. They would probably try to mass market it and change a lot of fundamental stuff (maybe they would add lock-on… *shudders.* Please no) but on the other hand I feel like these glorious monsters should be presented in high resolution and quality. They deserve it. Half of the game is about the monsters, and to truly appreciate the beauty of these creatures would mean High-Definition graphics galore.

    Unfortunately, I don’t even have faith that half of these games will make it stateside. I still wish I had Portable 3rd. I always look forward to a new Monster Hunter title now, regardless of platform. I was really picky with Tri being on the Wii, but with the lack of support for the franchise in America, I’ll take what I can get.

  • Zero

    It is a shame, I agree that Capcom would probably try and change the series… in some silly attempt to bring in western fans or whatever.

    I think the only real issue I’ve heard from western gamers is the controls.

    This is my idea –

    Monster Hunter on consoles. It would include custom camera options, and multiple control scheme layouts.

    You could pick whatever play-style you want. Map out the controls the way you want. Have the camera move the way you want. etc.

    I have never agreed with the idea that MH has no western fans.

    Teaming up with a group of friends to take down gigantic monsters is universally fun. It happens all the time in MMORPGs.

    And if you want to get technical. Phantasy Star Online was kinda doing this years ago. (And that series has always been popular in the west.)

    Edit: Thoughts about the trailer… I noticed a few things taken from Dragons Dogma in that trailer. This is a good thing!