Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 E3 screenshots, artwork - Gematsu
Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 E3 screenshots, artwork
posted on 06.05.12 at 02:40 PM EST by (@salromano)
Square Enix releases shiny new images.

Square Enix has shared new screenshots of the upcoming 2.0 update to Final Fantasy XIV at E3. The update is due to launch later this year. We the PlayStation 3 version to ship with 2.0 pre-installed, come early 2013.

View the batch at the gallery.

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  • FearMonkey

    Looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to play the new versions. ^_^

    Except for male Miqo’te. Do not want. >_<

    Female Roegadyn, though, yes please. :p

  • Traveller

    Look at the size of those Coeurls! Holy shit!

  • lordshihan

    I’m pretty excited about this. I’ll end up selling my PC Collector’s Edition to a friend and use that to pay off the PS3 version. This is the game Square Enix should have released back in September 2010. I hope the 2.0 trailer comes out soon.

  • Aldridge517

    Is that really Kain from FFIV or is that a Dragoon class?

  • rockman29

    As much as I am falling out with Square-Enix…

    I want this to be good, and I wish them the best with this. I feel like Final Fantasy XIV is representing what FF is more than anything else now…

  • vertical09

    Is that hope? :D

  • rockman29

    Also I know this might sound weird…

    I think VS XIII may have become a PS4 title… lol.

    • Gaara D. Dragon


      Would it be possible you people stopped bitching about Versus at every single instance ?

      I really don’t know what’s worse, delayed FF games or the bitching.

      Every single f***** time i hear about Versus and VII im like shut the f*** up, i know, Nomura knows EVERYONE f***** knows !

      • anime10121

        @Gaara D. Dragon: The anger is strong with this one ;P

        However I agree wholeheartedly Nomura said last year or the year before (cant remember its been so long) to forget about vs. until they bring it back into the limelight (not interviewers constantly nagging him but Square Enix themselves).

        As for the VII thing, never got why people want that game remade so bad anyway, as IMO its not that great, is extremely cliche/generic a FF, and the only thing that makes it decent is the size of the world (which is one of many reasons it probably wont ever be remade).

        On Topic: shots look nice, although I’d prefer Square spend more time developing more regular single player JRPGs as I’m not a big fan of MMOs (too time consuming and costly). Hopefully next their next fiscal year will be the year we start to see more Square Japan games so that they can stop relying so much on Eidos (though I am GREATLY anticipating the new Tomb Raider reboot).

        I mean we get what 1 major Square Japan game this year and that’s KH:3D (Not counting Theatrythm as that game COULDN’T have been too hard to develop especially considering they didnt even remix any of the songs in the game).

      • rockman29

        @Gaara D. Dragon: Woah, chill out…

        I’d rather have VS XIII on PS4.

        Chill out… don’t get wound up over ‘internetz’ dude.

        • Gaara D. Dragon


          thats not even making any sense, “chill out” ? what is wrong with you

          people like you at every instance, every chance bring up and bitch about VS for absolutely no reason. square has ONLY really talked about Versus twice in 5 years ! get a life

          thats just trolling, english dude make a freaking coherent sentence with a coherent argument that is a coherent response to the topic we are discussing

          no sh*t Versus is not out ! i had not noticed, noone had, thanks a f*cking lot. you win a whole f*cking internet for b*tching about Vs like a….

  • Zero

    The new screenshots look nice, but it still reminds me a lot of the game I played not to long ago.

    That kinda worries me, I want it to be an all new game.

    And I still think to make it work they have to wipe current data and change the battle system even more.

    • anime10121

      @Zero: Not possible unless they just drop the game altogether and create “another” FFXIV. They are doing all they can to change the game for the better with a huge patch without having to basically send people a brand new DVD with the “new” FFXIV on it.

      • Zero


        By wipe the current data, I meant character levels and gil, etc.

        This is coming from someone that has all the battle and magic classes at max lv in the game. They have added new jobs since I played, but those don’t gain levels the same way.

        I know they can’t wipe all of the game data, they will be sending lots of stuff over to the new engine, giving it more or less a new coat of paint.

        My biggest worry is that everything will end up like that, same game new coat of paint. That just won’t do it.

        (I was going to go into detail but I’ll save it. I don’t think anyone really wants to read my rant about XIV.) :P