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Capcom: Mega Man 25th anniversary news in December
posted on 06.20.12 at 09:50 AM EST by (@salromano)
"Very much happening inside those walls," teases Capcom.

This year is Mega Man‘s 25th anniversary, and while we haven’t seen much in the way of news surrounding the blue bomber, Capcom is teasing a celebration in December.

“I feel like December’s a good time,” said Capcom community manager Brett Elston. “It also gives us time to focus on Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary which is in August.”

“Yeah that’s right; stay out of our anniversary, Mega Man weirdos!” added now former community manager Seth Killian.

Elston continued: “But yeah, we’ll most likely have something to say about the anniversary in December. But as to what it is, we’re still discussing that. We had a meeting not long ago… very much happening inside those walls.”

Thanks, Rockman Corner.

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  • rockman29


  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Mega Man should be celebrated in a huge way.

    Capcom is ran by used up douche bags and I’m very displeased with the blue bombers treatment.

    Mega Man 2, not stupid Mario, MEGA MAN 2 is why I fell in love with gaming all those years ago and I am shocked that Capcom is as stupid as they are. I would drop $150 on a trunk full of Mega Man stuffs just as quickly as I already reserved my trunk full of Street Fighter stuffs.

    Figure it out Crapcom. Treat Mega Man with the respect the series deserves. Bad box art fat ass mega man in street fighter X tekken is not what I’m talking about either.

    • anime10121

      @Malcolm Reynolds: Agreed, I never could understand how Mario succeeds so well while Megaman (which honestly still does well, but nowhere near as good as it should) doesn’t do nearly as well.

      People use the excuse that Megaman is kiddy, but with Mario constantly selling well while never really adding any big challenge, I think most people just suck at Megaman and want to brand the games as “childish” because they cant beat em, and just lack the skill.

      Megaman should have been as successful as Mario, and sadly I think its the graphics that held the games back from more success. Megamans graphics never really started to evolve until Megaman 7. While Mario on the other hand, received a new graphical boost with its 4rth mainline entry (Super Mario World).

      While I am looking forward to Megaman’s anniversary later on this year, I have SEVERE doubts that Capcom will treat it with any sort of respect and will go in with really low expectations. Capcom has basically murdered every chance Megaman had after Inafune left and I sadly dont see that changing even during the anniversary.

  • Finalshoryuken

    Hm. I thought they already buried him and forgot about him.

  • Elvick

    Resume development of MML3, release Prototype, Mega Man Powered Up remakes resumed, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X remakes resumed…

    Ah to dream.

    $50 it’ll be something like “Mega Man OST on iTunes! SEE! We still love Mega Man!” *eye roll*

    I have no positive expectations what so ever.

    • Skelter

      @Elvick: I was so certain that all the old megaman X games would be remade after maverick hunter…….boy how wrong I was :/

  • Skelter

    I remember when capcom was UP there in the ranks…. back then it was on the same level as Nintendo and Squaresoft for me…..then they trashed Megaman.

  • LordKaiser

    I have 0 faith in this IP now.

  • Aldridge517

    Announce a new console title or gtfo. I feel like Capcom has been trolling the Mega Man series for the past couple years, total disrespect.

    • Skelter

      @Aldridge517: they want us to wait til DECEMBER….the last month of this amazing year……..just to reveal even more sad news….troll sounds just about right :)

      • anime10121


        Capcom: “Here’s your Christmas present from us”

        me: opens present

        Capcom: “Its new games that you’ve been waiting for for a full decade (MML3 and MMZX3)”

        me: looks inside cases of games only to find them empty with a sheet of paper inside that says CANCELLED

        Capcom: LOL

        me: :(

  • Zero

    What they should do is give Inafune-san permission to make new Mega-Man games at Intercept.

    Perhaps Inafune-san might even be kind and let Capcom publish the game.

    I know I’m dreaming here, but just let me dream…

    • Miranda Lawson

      @Zero: The only person that made Megaman any good was Megaman’s creator Keiji Inafune.

  • whiteferrero

    I just hope it’s in the form of a game. :D MML3 sounds about right.

  • Rezar

    It better be something good Capcom. The Mega Man franchise deserves to be treated better than it has been lately.