Time Travelers Japanese box art - Gematsu
Time Travelers Japanese box art
posted on 05.23.12 at 10:40 PM EST by (@salromano)
Simplistic, yet complicated.

Level-5 has unveiled the final Japanese box art for Time Travelers.

Time Travelers is due in Japan on July 15 for 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PSP. A western release has not been announced. View high-res box arts for all versions at the gallery.

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  • hush404

    That’s pretty bland :|

    • whiteferrero

      @hush404: i was thinking the same thing.

    • AdamBoy64

      @hush404: If the blue ‘CERO’ banner wasn’t there so you could see the characters, I think it’d be a lot better.

      • whiteferrero

        @AdamBoy64: then they shouldn’t have put the characters there? in my head, i was kind of comparing it to this

        • AdamBoy64

          @whiteferrero: Yeah, agreed, it’s not CERO’s fault.

          It’s a bit of a shame though.

  • Zero

    Looks like concept art from FF 13-2.

    Not the characters at the bottom of course, but everything else.

  • FaithlessMr

    I honestly like it a whole lot. But then again, being European, I’m used to simplistic Final Fantasy game covers, which are as simple as this, and yet they always have intricate messages to them. I’d like to believe this logo has some of that as well :D

    I take this over overcrowded game cases any day.