The Witcher dev announces Cyberpunk RPG - Gematsu
The Witcher dev announces Cyberpunk RPG
posted on 05.30.12 at 01:42 PM EST by (@salromano)
Mature, non-linear, futuristic RPG for adult audiences.

CD Projekt RED announced its second triple-A RPG during its summer conference today – an official video game based on Mike Pondsmith’s classic pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk. The game uses the studio’s advanced RED Engine, and will feature “cutting-edge graphics.”

The studio shared the following details:

  • Mature RPG for mature grown up audiences, realistic and brutal, set in a rich, futuristic world.
  • Gripping non-linear story filled with life and detail.
  • Advanced RPG mechanics based on Cyberpunk pen & paper RPG system.
  • Varied selection of different character classes.
  • Gigant arsenal of weapons, upgrades, implants and cool high-tech toys.
  • Set new standard in the futuristic RPG genre wotj am exceptional gaming experience.

A single piece of concept art was also shared (pictured above).

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  • FearMonkey

    I used to play the Cyberpunk Pen n Paper game a long long time ago. Looking forward to this. :)

  • Hinano

    Pen and paper RPG System?

    • FearMonkey

      @Hinano: RPG system that you play with pen and paper, like Dungeons and Dragons. Y’know, in the real world with friends. :p

      • Hinano

        @FearMonkey: Ohhh. *doesn’t play them that much* Thanks xD

  • NCloud

    BRING IT ON :)

  • Locksus

    Yup, definitely excited :) cyberpunk + CD Projekt=Awesomeness.

  • Zero

    I watched the conference, they made it sound very promising.

  • Dc1

    Day one pre-order on steam.

  • Devoted

    Oh yeah! xD

  • howardmoonish

    I like the imagery.

  • ekka4shiki

    Cool :D

  • Zuhri69

    I just hope it will be on ps3. It looks quite interesting.