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Pokemon Black & White 2 begins in Aspertia City
posted on 05.15.12 at 02:24 PM EST by (@salromano)
Bianca gives players one of three starter Pokemon.

In Pokemon Black & White 2, players start the off in a new hometown called Aspertia City in the Unova region. Set two years after the events of Pokemon Black & White, the region has since undergone a transformation. As a Pokemon trainer, players will embark on a journey and discover what strange events are occuring and why the region has changed since Team Plasma’s defeat.

Bianca, who appeared as a Pokemon trainer in the preceding titles, is now the assistant of Professor Juniper, and gives players their first Pokemon at the start of the game. Like Pokemon Black & White, your choice of starters are Snivy, Teipig, and Oshawott.

Other returning characters include Cheren, Alder, and N. In the previous game, Cheren was the hero’s rival and childhood friend. He is now a gym leader who trains normal-type Pokemon. Alder was the Champion of the Pokemon League in the Unova region. In Pokemon Black & White 2, he appears early on and asks players for help on a mission. N was the leader of Team Plasma. His whereabouts are now unknown.

A new feature, Pokewood, will allow players to participate in Pokemon movies. To attract audiences, you’ll need to create the best movie. A mechanical Tyranitar is part of the event. And so is Icirrus City gym leader Brycen. The feature will see players creating their own scenarios.

Another new feature, Pokemon World Tournament, will see players go up against a series of nostalgia-inducing trainers, including Misty (Cerulian City gym leader), Brock (Pewter City gym leader), Steven (Hoenn champion), Lance (Johto champion), Cynthia (Sinnoh champion), Blue (Kanto champion), Volkner (Sunyshore City gym leader), and Giovanni (Team Rocket boss). These tournaments offer both single and double battles. Characters are downloaded via Nintendo Wi-Fi.

Pokemon Black & White 2 introduces two new legendary Pokemon: Black Kyurem and White Kyrurem. Black Kyurem knows attacks such as Freeze Shock, and White Kyurem knows Ice Burn. Black Kyurem will be available exclusively in Pokémon Black 2, while White Kyurem will only be found in Pokemon White 2.

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