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Next Tales of countdown site launched
posted on 05.13.12 at 10:21 PM EST by (@salromano)
19 days until Tales of Festival reveal.

Namco Bandai has launched the countdown website for its next Tales game. According to Famitsu, it is a “mothership” title, meaning it is a mainline release.

Set for a full unveil at the Tales of Festival on June 2, first artwork of the RPG was shared in this week’s issue of Jump magazine. Its platform has yet to be announced. Namco Bandai will allow Tales Channel+ members to view a live broadcast of the reveal event. Registration is free. Find more details here.

A commercial for the title is scheduled to broadcast on Fuji TV’s Hey! Hey! Hey! on Monday, May 21 from 20:00 to 20:54, and again on Monday, May 28.

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  • Sal Romano

    If anybody wants it, here is a PNG version of that “Next Tales of…” logo:

    I’m excited! :D

    • Skelter

      @Sal Romano: to Celebrate this countdown i’m going to guess a name once a day….starting with today’s…….Tales of Mysteria?

      • Sal Romano

        @Skelter: Lots of people are speculating actually that it’s Tales of Xillia 2, considering the font…

        Or, the X, at least:

        Also the fact that the pink color of the site and glowing lights are the same as that of Milla’s side on the ToX website.

        Though, I’m hoping it’s not. The steampunk style of the Jump preview didn’t look too Xillia-related.

        • Zero

          @Sal Romano:

          I’ve obviously never played Xillia, but I would rather have a Tales of Vesperia 2 if they really wanted to go that route.

          I’m with you though Sal, I hope its all new.

        • Skelter

          @Sal Romano: Those X’s are definitely the same. I’m gonna assume that since Xillia was the latest game, they didn’t make much effort in changing the font for the ad? :D ….sigh, I guess we can only wait :|

          19 days is a bit much to wait :/ ….it’d be nice if they reward our patience by announcing an overseas release date for Xillia (one can only dream)

  • vertical09

    Ah man i’m way to excited:D Then i get sad again when i know its very low chance of this coming over.:/

  • neku

    tales of tales

  • barklight

    Tales of Xilia 2.

  • RyoonZ

    More excited about E3.
    Hoping for Xillia English.
    Let true fans play this first and see what their comments are maybe the game is too rushed? the battle is too easy?

  • Genesis

    Here’s to hoping that Xillia will be announced sometime after Graces F is released in the UK. I can’t wait to see what this game will be like

  • Hope that this will be released on PS3 and English someday.