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Mirror’s Edge 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 turn up in online resumes
posted on 05.16.12 at 10:40 AM EST by (@salromano)
Crowd system, leaderboards mentioned.

Mirror’s Edge 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 3 are in development, if the online resumes of a few former EA employees are to go by. 

One former employee is listed to have “provided video game prototype, design and demo feedback on various AAA titles including the Battlefield: Bad Company 3, Dead Space 2, Devil May Cry 5 and other unannounced titles.” A former software engineer says he worked on Mirror’s Edge 2 between July and August 2009, implementing “the wandering of crowd system within Unreal3 engine.” The final resume mentions creating “new gadgets and interactive features” for Mirror’s Edge 2, including “leaderboards” and a “mini-game” embedded into the game story.

Neither Mirror’s Edge 2 or Bad Company 3 have been announced by EA. Though, DICE said last year that ‘there’s definitely a market’ for the former.

Thanks, GamerZines.

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  • Locksus

    Loved Mirror’s Edge so definitely excited!

  • captainhowdy

    Interesting. I hope it’s true for Mirror’s Edge.

  • Zero

    I remember reading about Mirror’s Edge 2 ages ago.

    EA said something like, a very small team is working on it, but the project is still active.

    I suppose it could possibly sneak up on us at e3? For all the hate EA gets, they aren’t as bad as people make them out to be.

    Most publishers would have refused to green light a sequel to Mirror’s Edge, and that means something to me.