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Latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC due May 15
posted on 05.09.12 at 09:18 AM EST by (@salromano)
PlayStation Taiwan dates latest content.

Square Enix will launch its latest download content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 on May 15, PlayStation Taiwan has revealed.

“Requiem of the Goddess,” the Lightning-centered content, will cost $228 Taiwanese dollars (approx. $7.76 USD). The White and Black Mage outfits for Serah and Noel will cost $114 Taiwainese dollars (approx. $3.88 USD) each. Mog’s 16 costume set will also cost $114 Taiwanese dollars.

“Arena of Eternity,” the Snow and Valfodr-centered content, was previously announced for May 15. The site reveals it will cost $152 Taiwanese dollars (approx. $5.17 USD).

Thanks, FF-Reunion.

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  • Zero

    I honestly hope this is the final sets of DLC for the game.

    Unless they have one more, and it’s like a true ending or something.

  • I will definitely will get Requiem of the Goddess. Too many unanswered questions in the game’s ending, and I hope there will be conclusive answers to that particular confusing and surprising ending.

    • anime10121

      @Chaos Raiden: Im pretty sure this one’s not about a conclusion at all. Because there’s no way you could play as Lightning after what happened this dlc will probably explain how we got there.

      • Hinano

        @anime10121: It will clarify and resolve what happened to Lightning, yeah. Ending will be explained in some other way.

  • anime10121

    Buying the Serah costume (it looks more appropriate than any of the others besides that free AKB48 one), Snows ep, Lightning’s ep, and maybe Noel’s costume.