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Keiji Inafune pioneering Soul Sacrifice
posted on 05.08.12 at 10:24 PM EST by (@salromano)
Marvelous AQL in the developer's seat.

As speculated, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is leading development on Soul Sacrifice, preliminary leaks from this week’s Famitsu have revealed. Marvelous AQL, developer of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, is the studio behind the title. SCE Japan Studio is producing. Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenoblade) and Wataru Hokoyama (Resident Evil 5) are composing its score.

The “Sacrifice” in the title refers to a type of magic, known as Sacrifice Magic, available to players in-game. For example, to use Gleipnir, you must sacrifice your fingres, and throw a punch with your extended bones. Or to use Gorgon, you must sacrifice your eyeballs, and use them to shoot out beams. To use Excalibur, you must pull out your spinal cord by sticking your hand down your throat, and use it as a sword. Or for Gungir, your bones and nerves will rise from the body and attack the enemy.

The main character is a man raised by a cruel sorcerer who keeps humans as slaves. Screenshots in the magazine show creatures who have used too much magic and have thus lost their human form – the “original humans.”

Monsters appearing in the game include Cerberus, Slime, Durahan, Harpy and a Minotaur.

Soul Sacrifice is currently 50 percent complete and is due this winter for PlayStation Vita. It will reportedly feature 2-4 player co-op.

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  • Zero

    This makes me even more interested in this game.

  • whiteferrero

    holy… what’s up with sacrificing body parts. creepy. T_T

  • Sal Romano

    If anyone’s interested, a list of games developed by Marvelous (source):

    – Harvest Moon
    – Senran Kagura: Shoujotachi no Shinei
    – Rune Factory
    – 30 Second Hero
    – No More Heroes
    – Valhalla Knights
    – Luminous Arc
    – Fate/Extra
    – The Last Story
    – Mindjack
    – Nier
    – Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
    – Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
    – Fate/Unlimited Codes
    – Higurashi Daybreak Portable
    – Fate/tiger Colosseum
    – Lost Odyssey
    – Yoshi’s Island DS
    – Drag-on Dragoon
    – Blue Dragon

    • whiteferrero

      @Sal Romano: that;s an interesting variation. nnever would expect no more heroes and harvest moon having the same developer.

      i guess this is their darkest title yet.

    • rockman29

      @Sal Romano: Is that developed or contributed to? Seems like a long list.

      P.S. I like this game. Most people need their spines, but I guess this can work :o)

  • KingOptimus111

    Hell Yes !!!

  • RyoonZ

    Yasunori Mitsuda? Insta-sold

  • Sal Romano

    Updated the post and moved it up the feed. Few new deats from Sinobio.

    • Zero

      @Sal Romano:

      “It will reportedly feature 2-4 player co-op.”

      Awesome! Thanks for the hard work, Sal. :)

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    But a certain crowd keeps saying Vita is doomed and has no games and I keep seeing reveals such as this.

    I HATE the general gaming populace.

    • hush404

      @Malcolm Reynolds: People just love controversy. Look at the slack Sony got with PS3 all those years or the 3DS it’s first few months in. The media love it as it brings in views (on the net) and gamers eat it up for some reason.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Well IMO anyone who cant appreciate the IP’s and the tech Sony brings to gaming isnt an actual gamer.

  • RoboShinKen

    This game sounds absolutely breathtaking.

    I can’t wait to hear more!

  • Charlie

    This sounds so messed up…..I WANT IT!

  • anime10121

    Yasunori Mitsuda? Instantly interested!