Crytek celebrates Metal Gear's 25th anniversary - Gematsu
Crytek celebrates Metal Gear’s 25th anniversary
posted on 05.08.12 at 11:36 AM EST by (@salromano)
Hideo Kojima presented award at studio.

Kojima Productions boss Hideo Kojima was invited to Crytek’s offices today. Why? To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Kojima-created Metal Gear series.

Kojima received a big welcome from the Crysis studio, includin Kojima Productions-labeled cupcakes.

Kojima was given a gift by the staff: a “Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Congratulations from everyone at Crytek” trophy-type thing. A rather nice gesture!

The big man on campus was also there to greet Kojima.

And here’s a shot of Kojima with the Yerli brothers, who founded Crytek:

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  • RedWolfe

    I guess they’re fans :P

    But seriously, that’s pretty cool.

  • rockman29

    Yea that’s pretty cool. <3 Metal Gear. Go Kojima /fangirlbot

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    But but that one no name previous IGN editor who has an independent game company that has produced nothing says Kojima is a hack and Fez creator Phil Fish says those Jap games all F’ing suck.

    What is Crytek thinking? Why honor someone with such a distinguished career when two no name wastes of seminal fluid who make flash games in their garage are so insightful and omniscient about the industry forefathers they so blatantly plagiarize?

    TL;DR F*** You phil fish.

  • Zero

    Yummy cupcakes.

  • xMCXx

    Do you mean to tell me, that Hideo Kojima was in Germany and nobody called me?

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Stop crying Locksus.

    Im just generally confused is all. Honoring one of the greatest creative minds of all time in video gaming just seems so against what HUGE name devs like Phil Fish and Jonathan blow would have us do. I mean, those two guys have created two chincy little downloads in their careers so I tend take their word as definitive. Crytek surely didnt get the memo that all japanese game suck.

    • Locksus

      @Malcolm Reynolds:
      I’m sorry but if someone was crying it was definitely you but I can see where you’re going with this. I don’t agree with Phil and I’d rather he din’t say anything back then.

    • Sal Romano

      @Malcolm Reynolds: Stop being rude.

      You can’t be “generally confused” when your initial comment was made to be humorlessly sarcastic.

      Your thoughts aside on Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish, I would beg to differ that Braid and Fez are “chincy” titles.

      And finally, your comments are way off topic (How do you involve two indie game devs with a Kojima visit to Crytek?) and are inexplicable flame bait. “F*** You phil fish” and “Stop crying Locksus” are key examples.

      Have you ever heard of NeoGAF? I would like you to manage your words here like someone would have to on GAF. If the majority of your comments were posted in threads on GAF, you would have been banned long ago. I’m not that type of guy, which is why I’m asking you to get your comments in order.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Sal: my comment to Locksus may have indeed been rude to an extent but I am at the point where dancing on eggshells for him and the 1 other commenter who has a fixated problem with me is not on my list of “things to do” any longer.

    I brought phil fish and J-blowhard up b/c they have recently been “big news” and obviously I am quite impressed with Crytek honoring the greatness that is Kojima although there seems to be this popular movement suggesting Japanese gaming deserves no praise.

    As far as those being “chincy games”…..agree to disagree…..Fez and Braid are aesthetically unimpressive and as far as gameplay is concerned, both rip from the gaming culture their devs hate on in a major way.
    I’m from the camp that speaks with my wallet as much as my mouth.
    When an unproven dev can say things as ridiculous as these two morons I dont see how it is remotely ok to throw money at them and reward theirdoucheyness.
    I dont care if their games are good. Theyre not good enough to earn them a free pass.

    Ex. Kramer went off on stage and was a total prick….the industry pays him no mind anymore.
    Mel Gibson has starred in 1 mediocre movie since his meltdown.

    Interestingly, both of those people have far more clout in their industry than J-blow or Fish (henceforth to be referred to as Blow-Fish) and yet they’ve not been nearly as popular or respected since they lost their cool and made some poor choices in comments.

    Why is it okay for Blow-Fish to make comments like they do and still become rich off our dollars?
    I guess its the same reason that it was okay for Micheal Jackson to touch little boys…”well he is talented and wrote some good songs”. Or for Penn States assistant Football coach to have been a 20+ yr known child predator…”well he helped our team win lots of games”.

    You dont see naughty dog running off at the mouth do you? Lord knows they have the pedigree that affords them such a luxury but they continue to stay humble and let their games speak for themselves.

    Anyway….Crytek has certainly earned a bit more of my respect this day and at this point Blow-Fish could make a hundred downloads that score triple A status and I’ll never think twice about ignoring them b/c I’ll not brush under the rug their actions simply b/c they made a product that entertains.

    • anime10121

      @Malcolm Reynolds: Sorta could see where you were coming from and although you were being rude I agreed with your intent. Basically saying that enough western developers dont give enough credit to the Japanese developers that many took their inspiration from). I agreed until you said what you said about MJ (he was never proven guilty), and each of the two cases that were set up against him (if you actually did your research) were filed by people who were known to be frauds and thats why the cases fell apart — no evidence. Dont get me wrong the man was weird, but a child molester? Dont believe it, just another case of the media making reporting on something they knew nothing about.

      On topic, its good to see Crytek giving Kojima praise for his impact on gaming. His games always push the boundaries of what should be in a game and have always done so (even if the cutscenes are a little on the lengthy side–I still love em). Although I love MGS, as its one of my top 5 favorite series, I’m glad/hopeful that with Project Ogre, Konami has finally let the man create something else so we can see just how well he can do without being chained to MGS. Zone of the Enders was good, Policenauts/Snatcher I never got a chance to try, and the Boktai series was pretty great too. Im hopeful that Ogre will end up just as awesome.