CD Projekt RED to make “major announcement” next week
posted on 05.23.12 at 05:51 PM EST by (@salromano)
Publisher holding press conference on May 30.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings developer CD Projekt RED will host its summer conference a week from today, on May 30, where it plans to share a “major announcement.”

The conference will be held at 5 p.m. GMT. It will also play host to “other information concerning its [CD Projekt RED’s] products and the DRM-free distribution platform” It will be livestreamed here.

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  • Hinano

    Alongside that, announce Witcher 2 PS3 version, please.

    • Rafi

      That “major announcement” is 80% The Wither 3 and will be release in PC, PS3 and 360.

      • Hinano

        @Rafi: The trend with having one game exclusive to one platform then the sequel is Mutli is stupid.

        I understand if say MS published it like for ME and RED is pretty small. But I just hope that would be one project to come beforehand, lol.

  • Zero

    Is is wrong that I still want Witcher 1 and 2 for PS3?

    • Rafi

      The Witcher Game Collection downloadable via PSN, still not sure if they will make it or ready for it.

  • Rafi

    For visual graphic freak developer like CD Projekt RED, its very embarrassing if they do not feel challenged to make better visual graphics than Uncharted 3 or The Last of Us on PS3.

    • ekka4shiki

      If you read some of their previous interviews, it is clear that they DO consider PS3 version. But then again, CD Projekt RED is not that big, you know. They have limited resources. Witcher 2 360 port needs more time to release, and even worse, Witcher 1 port didn’t make it.

      Now now, they said for their next game it’s going to be simultaneous release. I hope it’s true, because if Witcher 2 port is any indication, it’s looks like to me they already got what it takes to make QUALITY. It’s the perfect time to go to the next level, with multiplatform development, as CD Projekt RED grows bigger and ambitious.

      As for the “major announcement”, i don’t think it’s Witcher related. It’s just too soon. I didn’t even finish my 2nd playthrough of Witcher 2 yet. Must be the other AAA title …

  • howardmoonish

    If it’s even Witcher related, I’ll be disappointed if they’re wasting their time with a ps3 port of Witcher 2. Better it be a 360 port of Witcher 1 or something about Witcher 3.

    However, it would make more sense if this were about their upcoming non-Witcher project.