CD Projekt RED to announce "second triple-A RPG" tomorrow [Update] - Gematsu
CD Projekt RED to announce “second triple-A RPG” tomorrow [Update]
posted on 05.29.12 at 11:08 AM EST by (@salromano)
It's not The Witcher 1 for consoles.

CD Projekt RED will reveal its “second triple-A RPG” during its summer press conference tomorrow – not The Witcher 1 for consoles – the Polish developer has told Eurogamer.

The new RPG is set in a “brand new setting,” will feature guns, and is a departure from the fantasy universe CD Projekt RED has already developed with The Witcher.

However, the announcement is not to say The Witcher 1 will not come to consoles. The developer teaseed more Witcher-related “surprises for the second half of the year and for the next year.”

Update: CD Projket RED has released a teaser image of the new IP:

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  • Hope this RPG will be developed on PS3 as well.

  • Locksus

    Can’t wait to see what it is. I’ve grown to love them as they are one of the few companies that actually respect their customers. And they also develop fantastic games!

  • RyoonZ

    I hope it plays like Mass Effect but with leveling system of Borderlands which is you gain exp by killing enemy not by mission, maybe mission will gain but separately so you can grinding for level.

    Also hope that Witcher 1 and 2 will come to PS3 :D

  • rockman29


  • Malcolm Reynolds

    If they are to announce the “2nd Triple A RPG”….what is the first triple A RPG from them?

    Witcher 2 can be argued as Triple A by desperate xbox only owners to flippantly slap that status on the first game worth mentioning on their console in years but the truth is that a game averaging in the mid to high 80’s is not triple A.
    Lets not sully what it means for a game to be so good that even amongst the bias ridden mass glut of gaming journalist differing opinions, it can still manage to average a score above the 90% mark.
    Triple A is no small feat. Witcher 2….while great, does not reach that status.

    Now lets see what this WRPG with guns will be.
    Fallout, and or Border Lands ring a bell?

    • Locksus

      @Malcolm Reynolds:
      To my understanding if AAA game means that it is a high budget game. For example Too Human is a triple A game because its budget was big. I might be wrong, though.

      Still, Witcher 2 is an excellent game, one that shouldn’t be missed by any one in my opinion.

  • ekka4shiki


    Can’t wait to know more details about the concept and all.