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Atlus comments on Persona 4 Arena voice cast
posted on 05.03.12 at 07:51 AM EST by (@salromano)
P4A shift does not indicate changes for P4G.

If you’re a fan of Persona 4 and have seen the latest tutorial clip for Persona 4 Arena, you probably noticed the shift in voice actors for Teddie. Atlus issued an official statement on the switch in a response on the PlayStation Blog, and added that changes to Teddie’s voice actor in Persona 4 Arena does not exactly indicate changes in Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 4 Arena, being a fighting game with one of the most substantial story modes the genre has yet seen, represents one of the most ambitious recording projects in Atlus history,” said Atlus PR and sales manager Aram Jabbari. “Every effort was made to retain the fantastic talents of the Persona 3 and Persona 4 voice casts, who were responsible for making those roleplaying games so memorable.

“In a couple cases, however—including Teddie, as noticed by fans—and despite our best efforts, circumstances mandated that changes be made. We’re confident in the quality of the final English dub and ask fans to reserve judgment until they can see—or in this case, hear—how each character has been brought to life within the game’s full context.

“Any changes for Persona 4 Arena with regards to the voice cast *do not necessarily indicate* changes for Persona 4 Golden.”

Persona 4 Arena is due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer. Persona 4 Golden is due for PlayStation Vita this fall.

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  • Revorse

    This is how I read this. Dave is coming back in Golden. Probably not Chie’s voice actor though. Lol the power of Delusion.

  • FearMonkey

    Did they say if we’re getting Japanese voices yet?

    • Hinano

      @FearMonkey: :( Don’t remind me. That’s their biggest fault.

  • RyoonZ

    Doesn’t matter really. Seeing the game translated that’s what matter to me.

  • Cinemario

    Why can’t the developers say things out straight?
    Considering how everything is set in stone already, what’s the harm of telling us? It’s not like it’s a hidden game mechanic Atlus of Japan hasn’t mentioned yet- it’s voice acting.

    I’m sure there’s more to it than simply deciding among themselves and telling everybody about it but it would be nice if they weren’t so secretive about something they already made public.

    That’s taking a page from Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIII Versus.