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Next Call of Duty is Black Ops II
posted on 04.27.12 at 05:28 PM EST by (@salromano)
Formal announcement on May 2.

Let the next Call of Duty officially be known as Call of Duty: Black Ops II. A photo sent into IGN of two Target pre-order cards confirms the title and a November 13 release date across PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

A formal announcement is not far off. Activision teased this past Sunday a reveal at the NBA Playoffs on May 1.

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  • Rafi

    I hope the name is not Black Ops II, need more badass name but nevermind.

  • Hinano

    This is absolutely groundbreaking.

  • Akira

    Awesome, I loved Black Ops.
    I hope it’s not anything like MW3… I just couldn’t get into it. I’m always that guy who gets hit by the Akimbos and a perfect target for predator missiles. *w*

    • Rafi

      That was my missiles !!

  • rockman29

    There goes the release date announcement too.

  • vertical09


  • Skelter

    they’re gonna burn themselves out………Black Ops 2….then most likely MW4…they should take a break :/

  • xMCXx

    Releasing a sequel every year is so genius! No, really! Who needs improvement?

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I know I wont be popular for saying this but the campaign in Black ops was the best of this gen’s CoD’s. Loved it.
    Stoked for a sequel.

  • vertical09

    @ Malcolm Reynolds: I’m surprised you like’d it. It was all over the place imo.
    Zombies was the only thing that intrigued me but after about 2 months that went stale.
    Also, going by how broken the multiplayer was on Black Ops (if you played it you know what i mean) I hope they AT LEAST fix that =P

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    @vertical. I didnt really think it was all over the place. i have always felt the MW games had that problem.

    I thought the story was interesting and coherent. The setting and time period as well as the scripted events were actually cool as well. The multiplayer…although shocking me at first being the first time I reallynoticed the outdated ass visuals, I still found it to be fun overall with friends.

    Zombies has always been very boring to me.
    Juat an AI shooting gallery.

    Either way….CoD at its worst still dethrones Halo multiplayer hands down. At heart though I am a single player guy.

  • DjangoRaijin

    Time to pwn some noobs and demolish zombies. Let’s see what you’ve got this time treyarch