Leaked Assassin's Creed III gameplay stills - Gematsu
Leaked Assassin’s Creed III gameplay stills
posted on 04.06.12 at 07:52 PM EST by (@salromano)
From Ubisoft's PAX East showing.

At PAX East in Boston, Ubisoft is showing live gameplay demonstrations of Assassin’s Creed III to fans in an enclosed theater at their booth. Somehow, still shots of a few scenes managed to make their way online, courtesy of Ubisoft forum-goers. Have at them below. 

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  • xMCXx

    Oh wow, amidst a big battle! Looks good!

  • Charlie

    This looks like it could be the best AC game yet!

  • rockman29

    Looks great. MGS4 wishes it looked that good, awesome stuff.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @rockman29: I prefer Mgs’s style :\

    • Aldridge517

      @rockman29: Wait for MGS5 :P

  • I can only hope that this game will look good on all consoles. It is pretty unfair that one version looks nicer than the other.

  • Zero

    Very impressive looking, especially since these pictures were probably taken with a phone or something.

    That probably isn’t the final build of the game either, and it’s already a very big step up from the previous games.

    I’m very excited to play this game!

  • Squire

    I remember thinking to myself while playing the original Assassin’s Creed: “You know what this game really needs? LESS interesting buildings to traverse.”

    I hope the entire game consists of wide, open, featureless fields!