Grasshopper announces Killer is Dead - Gematsu
Grasshopper announces Killer is Dead
posted on 04.03.12 at 09:53 PM EST by (@salromano)
Directed by Suda 51 (and not a Killer 7 sequel).

This week’s Famitsu has the scoop on a new Grasshopper Manufacture production. To be published by Kadokawa Games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, Killer is Dead is a new action game directed by Goichi Suda (Suda 51).

The game follows the story of an executioner assassin (he kills killers). Its keywords are “moon” and “earth.” Though not a sequel to Killer 7, the game will have the essence of Killer 7 and No More Heroes. Sword fighting is said to be similar to the latter, but with new elements.

The game will also have beautiful James Bond-esque ladies. It’s described as a “Dark Side 007.”

Thanks, Sinobi.

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  • Now this is what I am talking about. An awesome new IP with creative visual style.

  • gold163

    It blew my mind when I found out that Grasshopper was behind the Shining Soul games on GBA. Those games were AWESOME and I’d really like to see a modern incarnation.

    I love the wacky stuff Suda51 does but it would be nice to see Grasshopper recognized for its other great works too.

  • Zero

    This sounds awesome.

  • Genesis

    More Suda 51 games?!? Yesssssss!

  • RyoonZ

    Anything from Suda51 is always awesome!!!

  • ayman

    great announcement from my almost favorite developer GhM, make me more wonder, why they have haters ? people really don’t appreciate their amazing talent & fast development

    Killer Is Dead is my most anticipated title for 2013, I’m glad it’s on the HD platforms

    now I can’t wait to see it

  • Pirate King

    Day 1