First Look: Latest Project X Zone characters - Gematsu
First Look: Latest Project X Zone characters
posted on 04.26.12 at 02:15 PM EST by (@salromano)
Dead Rising, Resonance of Fate and more. has gone live with its latest preview of Project X Zone. This week’s look at the game reveals six new characters, including Frank West (Dead Rising), Leanne (Resonance of Fate) and Alisa (God Eater). The new characters appeared first in Weekly Famitsu earlier this week, but this is our first direct-feed look at the fighters.

Frank West (Dead Rising) and Lei-Lei (Darkstalkers)

Zephyr and Leanne (Resonance of Fate)

Soma Schicksal and Alisa Amiella (God Eater)

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  • Byronic Hero

    Oh god. The Leanne/Zephyr “special” almost brought me to tears xD

    I really hope this game raises the “Resonance of Fate is awesome” awareness.

  • Skelter

    Man, this looks cool. Nintendo has some quality games on their 3DS, Will have one by September for sure ^_^

  • Finalshoryuken

    Frank West looking boss, as always.

  • Kobracon

    I love Capcom’s sense of irony when it comes to Lei Lei. In Namco X Capcom she was paired with a character from Resident Evil and now shes paired with yet another zombie slayer XD