Tales of Graces F launch trailer - Gematsu
Tales of Graces F launch trailer
posted on 03.12.12 at 09:39 PM EST by (@salromano)
PlayStation 3 RPG out tomorrow.

Namco Bandai debuted the second and final trailer for Tales of Graces F on the PlayStation Blog tonight. The latest role-playing game in the Tales series is due for PlayStation 3 tomorrow in North America.

Additionally, the publisher is giving away five copies of the game signed by producer Hideo Baba. Stay tuned to the series’ Facebook page for more details.

Watch the trailer below.

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  • FaithlessMr

    I’m glad NB isn’t letting us down and finally released a full blown trailer to go along with this game’s release. Let’s hope everyone gets to see this and purchases the game :)

  • AdamBoy64

    Thanks for the post Sal.

    I do wish this trailer had come out a bit earlier, help to create some hype.

    • Sal Romano

      @AdamBoy64: Indeed.

      If anything, it was probably posted a lot earlier tonight compared to when I picked it up. I was sleeping. -_- I’ve been on some weird schedule today.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Good launch trailer! I hope the sales are good so Xillia will be released here.

  • FearMonkey

    Oh. They released a new trailer and it wasn’t on their Facebook page? I am shocked that Namco might actually want people to buy their game! Shocked, I say!

  • Revorse

    It’s been a long wait…going to get my copy tomorrow morning.

  • RyougaZell

    Sooo…. who are the VA’s?

    • AdamBoy64

      @RyougaZell: On the Tales of Graces Wikipedia page, under the ‘Characters’ section, it has voice actors listed.

      Can’t really be sure if these are accurate though. Also, I haven’t had too much of a look at that page as I’m sure there’d be spoilers around.

      • RyougaZell

        @AdamBoy64: Thanks man. More Laura Bailey? Awesome!

  • Zero

    Nice trailer.

    More Laura Bailey in my games is never a bad thing. I’ve been playing 13-2, so that voice is very familiar to me right now. (Serah)

    Not so sure about Asbel’s voice though. It might have to grow on me.

  • Kirby755

    Sweet another trailer

  • vertical09

    It left their facebook D:……XD Please dont have too high of expectations namco, we want tales of xillia more than anything right now.

    • whiteferrero

      @vertical09: which you won’t get if you don’t support this.

  • whiteferrero

    Buying this in a bit! It’s already Mar 13 here!

  • Sal Romano

    My copy shipped from NewEgg in New Jersey yesterday. Considering I’m only a state away, hoping it comes today. They haven’t exactly given me a tracking number yet, though.

    • Gaara D. Dragon

      @Sal Romano:

      One question, does it have japanese dub ?

      Cause the voice acting in the trailer was simply not good, as always

      • mojava

        @Gaara D. Dragon: Wondering this as well; can’t find anything on the net about it…?

        According to a thread on Gamespot it’s english dub only. Oh, well — the english voice acting didn’t seem THAT unbearable (like in Star Ocean 4 for instance). Wonder if the european version will include the japanese voices along with english subtitles? Might want to wait til then if that’s the case (!).