Rumor: SOCOM dev facing closure - Gematsu
Rumor: SOCOM dev facing closure
posted on 03.23.12 at 09:58 PM EST by (@salromano)
Source: layoffs and project cancellation hit the studio.

Zipper Interactive, one of Sony’s many worldwide studios and creator of the SOCOM series, is being shut down, Kotaku sources have said.

The past few days have seen layoffs and a project cancellation at the studio, according to chatter. The scope of the layoffs appear to hint at the studio’s closure.

Zipper’s most recent projects include Unit 13 for PlayStation Vita and SOCOM 4 for PlayStation 3.

When contacted, Sony declined to comment, citing its policy not to respond to rumors and speculation.

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  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    Thatd suck pretty bad =\

    I say give them 1 last try to make a game with complete creative freedom

  • hush404

    Zipper deff isn’t what it was back in the original Socom days. I tried Unity 13’s demo and wasn’t impressed.

    • Noctionus

      @hush404: Have you tried MAG?.

  • I rather see Slant Six Games closed down than Zipper Interactive. Zipper Interactive have much more potential and creativeness in making third person shooter games.

    • Red-X

      @Chaos Raiden:
      I agree with you. Slant Six’s RE:ORC gameplay was very suck.
      For example, they didn’t include rolling in the game when almost all third person shooter games have this feature implemented. Also, the gun shots feel off, the shots use too much times to travel from the gun to the enemies and the cursor is not accurate one bit.

    • @Chaos Raiden: Slant Six isn’t owned by Sony, so that’s sort of a moot point. Slant Six is independent and gets contracted by various publishers.

  • Zero

    I hope the rumor isn’t true. I don’t think we need more studios getting closed.

  • KingOptimus101

    They should have just stuck with M.A.G hopefully they’re able to make M.A.G 2 before they close down.

  • rockman29

    They kind of destroyed the SOCOM franchise with Confrontation and SOCOM IV…

    I mean… they didn’t make the games their fans wanted. I’m sad to see a studio crumble, but at the same time I’d be more sympathetic if it happened while they were doing proper service to their SOCOM fans.

    I’m sure MAG was good, but SOCOM was set up to be their bread and butter. That was Playstation’s tactical online shooter that people could jump in and out of on the go, and from what I understand it had a pretty large and devoted fanbase. It was a great series. Why throw it to the dogs like they did with Confrontation and SOCOM IV?

    • @rockman29: Confrontation was made by Slant Six, for the record. Zipper did indeed make SOCOM 4, though.

  • sicksniper256

    What does this mean? Is all hope lost for a new SOCOM game that is actually good (not like SOCOM 4)? What about a SOCOM 1-3 HD collection? Is that out the window too!?

    • Sal Romano

      @sicksniper256: Well, Sony owns the IP, so it could always have another developer make SOCOM. As for HD collections, the original developer is very minimally involved, if at all.

      Look at the God of War, Sly, Jak, and Team Ico collections. They were all outsourced by Bluepoint, Mass Media Inc., Sanzaru, etc. Even the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection was done by Bluepoint (as well as Genki and Aspect Co.).

      I think the only exception is the God of War Origins Collection, which original developer Ready at Dawn worked on.

      • sicksniper256

        @Sal Romano: Good point, thinking about it now. This might even increase the chances of it happening. Slant 6 made Confrontation. I felt that gameplay wise that game felt right but the bugs and server problems it launched with and the long patch QA checks killed it. They got it right at about patch 1.3 and ruined the balance with the Cold Front DLC’s specialization weapons. Maybe they will get another shot at it sometime.