Forza Horizon leaked for Xbox 360
posted on 03.03.12 at 01:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Latest Forza developed by Playground Games.

One leak wasn’t good enough. A leaked trailer for Forza Horizon, developed by Playground Games (previously rumored to be working on a “Forza World“), made its way onto the net today, courtesy of GamesRadar. It lists the game for a fall release.

The trailer was likely shown at Microsoft’s Spring 2012 Showcase event, and is still under embargo. That said, it will probably be officially unveiled at the Game Developers Conference next week.

Watch the trailer below.

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    *Massive facepalm* I’m guessing this is one of the four exclusives for 360? We get the same games over and over, they still haven’t gave me a reason to use my 360, it’s pointless. Come on microsoft your killing me, smh. *pours oil on xbox, then lights a match*

  • KingOptimus101

    Microsoft is so lazy at new ips it makes me wonder are they going to act this way next gen. This gen microsoft has been a huge failure its just sad the wii has probably had more exclusives this gen than them. Sony PS3 is the only console with new ips and still have old ips return with quality features on the hardware.

  • kiri25

    Well considering MS has so few major franchises i’m not surprised.

    I think MS is now milking Forza. This is the 4th forza on 360 and personal i think its way to early for a new one, but I guess its better to play safe and milk your old franchises than creating something new XD.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Didnt Forza 4 debut to relatively low sales just 4 months ago?

    “but this one uses voice recognition via thekinect sensor”! SMFH

    • Locksus

      @Malcolm Reynolds:
      Forza 4 sales are at 1.98m atm. That is indeed quite low compared to Forza 3’s 5.02m but not bad by any means. I don’t get your trolling about the sales here.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    @Locksus: My “trolling” is less about the sales of Forza 4 and more the fact that MS hasnt even let the sales of Forza 4 mature before “blessing” the world with yet another iteration of the series.

    I guess when you have less franchises that a 3 toed sloth has toes on one foot you gotta milk those franchises like a newborn attached to its mommy’s teet.