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Dragon’s Crown “still in production”
posted on 03.29.12 at 09:29 AM EST by (@salromano)
Don't believe the rumors.

Despite any rumors you may have heard following pre-order cancelations at Amazon, Dragon’s Crown, Vanillaware’s PlayStation 3 and Vita action RPG, is still in development.

Vanillaware illustrator Shigatake said on Twitter today: “Regarding Dragon’s Crown, although there have been rumors and speculation, it is still in production. Please be patient for future announcements.”

Dragon’s Crown was first announced at E3 2011.

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  • Malcolm Reynolds

    And with that….IGN and their fear mongering can kiss my yellow Asian ass.

    • FearMonkey

      @Malcolm Reynolds: Yeah, IGN really needs to stop taking auto-emails from Amazon (and/or GameStop) as evidence that a game is canceled. The only reason Amazon de-listed the game is because the release date they had prior to this was getting close with no news from the publisher, so they just removed it from people’s pre-orders so their customer’s wouldn’t be charged for a product that won’t be shipping. This is a complete no-story.

  • Genesis

    Glad that someone finally spoke up. Ignition could have easily stated that the game is still in development. So unprofessional…But good to hear

  • InternatlGamer3

    Can’t wait for this game.

  • DrForbidden

    I’d been waiting for this game since it was announced. Almost gave a aneurysm when I heard it’d been canceled. Good to know it’s not.

  • i always love project Vanillaware

  • rockman29

    Really looking forward to this. Looking forward to this most out of any PSVita game. Loved Odin Sphere & Muramasa… so this is a no brainer. I hope there will be a ton of items to collect and make, and I hope the story is as exciting and well-paced as it was in their last few sidescrollers.

    Game looks gorgeous and can’t wait to see more.

    Haven’t played much Grim Grimoire, though I don’t think that type of game is for me.