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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive drops cross-platform play
posted on 03.06.12 at 08:52 AM EST by (@salromano)
PC and Mac versions' frequent updates the reason.

When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was first announced, Valve had said it would include cross-platform play between the PlayStation 3 and PC versions. However, due to the PC and Mac versions’ frequent post-launch updates, that is no longer the case. 

“The beta has proved we want to update not just the beta, but the game itself post-launch frequently on the PC,” Valve’s Chet Faliszek told Joystiq (via RPS). “To do that we need to separate the platforms so one doesn’t hamstring the other. So for that, we have removed the idea of cross-platform play — essentially make all platforms stronger by not mixing them.”

A PC beta for Global Offensive is ongoing. If you want in, try filling out this Valve survey and hope for the best.

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  • gold163

    basically, the patch certification process on consoles is draconian and takes way too long.

    • hush404

      @gold163: Yep, sadly. I thought steam on PS3 was their way of circumventing that :S

  • rockman29

    Well the problem is in the future Valve may want to add features to the game that won’t be possible to add to PS3. They could change the engine slightly (like past Source games), or maybe there are specific hardware/network issues with PS3 that are acting problematic.

    What I think they could have done is at least for the first few years they could’ve just allowed PS3/PC users to play together on basic Valve-made maps (re: nothing modded) with specific limitations (e.g. only up to 16 or 24 players) and only when servers flipped a switch to allow it.

    Would’ve been cool to have PC/PS3 cross platform play. I thought Valve would be the one to make it happen and make it common.

    Maybe with PS4 when they release a version for that.