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Bayonetta playable in Anarchy Reigns
posted on 03.20.12 at 11:34 PM EST by (@salromano)
Anarchy Reigns out July in Japan.

Everyone’s favorite action temptress Bayonetta will be playable in Anarchy Reigns, this week’s Famitsu has revealed.

To play as the Bayonetta star, you’ll have to pre-order the game.

Additionally, the magazine pinned down a July release window for the Platinum-developed brawler.

Thanks, Game Jouhou.

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  • Noctionus


  • Kougeru

    where the hell is Yuri from Infinite Space? >.< Also, to Noctionus's comment..this is Sega…not Capcom lol

  • Noctionus

    Well, according to Anoop @Andriasang, it’s… a preorder bonus. =0

    • Kougeru

      @Noctionus: :( I hate it when they do that crap… “pre-order bonus from [store] …then 2 months later “OR BUY ON PSN/LIVE for 4.99!”

  • Genesis

    OH EM GEEE! This seriously made my night! I am not even tripping about the DLC because PG made the most interesting games for me this gen and they actually give you a full game…Unlike *cough* Capcom *cough* They already said that they want to make DLC characters further down the road

  • Sal Romano

    Scan added.

  • Genesis

    The excitement is taking over..I am beyond hype! Lollipop Chainsaw and AR <3

  • Charlie

    I had a massive fanboy fit when I saw this.

  • pretty Women Strong <3

  • Kobracon

    HELL YEAH! I’d gladly pay for Bayonetta’s service! ;P