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Warfighter is the next Medal of Honor [Update]
posted on 02.23.12 at 02:31 PM EST by (@salromano)
Revealed in latest Official Xbox Magazine.

First details on EA’s next Medal of Honor have come out a little earlier than expected.

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine has the first look at the sequel, titled Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which is in development at Danger Close Games, and follows the story of Tier 1 Operators. Unlike the first game, released in 2010, the multiplayer is being developed in-house. It also uses the Frostbite 2 engine, which powered last year’s Battlefield 3.

It’s due in October.

EA’s official reveal conference is on March 6. If anything, expect more details then.

Thanks, Game Informer.

Update: Developer Danger Close has shared the key artwork for the title.

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  • Hmm, I am hoping for a setting other than the frankly lazy “Modern Desert” thing that the last one went for. But with it still following Tier 1, I doubt it will be anything other than a continuation.

    It’s funny, as Ive recently been playing MOH Rising Sun and the game shocked me with how good it was. The series changed so much with the 2010 game that the older games are in a totally different league.

    Anyway, Id like to see a longer and more accomplished single player game this time. The last one was comfortable beatable in a single session.

  • KingOptimus101

    I loved Medal of Honor 2010 it had a good single player but the multiplayer was bad but I hope Medal of Honor Warfighter has a good single player and multiplayer.

  • stinks shit

  • rockman29

    Sounds like it is just going to be like a mini Battlefield 3. Well… actually now that I think about it… it seems EA has got us…

    You pay for Battlefield 3 for a the multiplayer half of a game.

    Then you pay for Medal of Honor for the singleplayer half of a game.

    Slap those together and you have what really should just be one game! Not at a premium of $60, but now at a special $120 dollars and in two separate packages!

    So in total you really get what you should be getting in one game, but for the price of two.

    Good job, EA.

  • RedWolfe

    Not sure how I feel about this :\

    I…guess I liked the first one but I kind of regretted picking it up at full price. I dunno, guess I’ll wait for more info.

  • KingOptimus101

    I wished people would quit judging until they see the gameplay.