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Square Enix: “X is next” [Update]
posted on 02.05.12 at 05:01 PM EST by (@salromano)
First look at Final Fantasy X HD coming soon?

The official Twitter account for Square Enix’s 1st Production Department – which creates the company’s Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles – updated its profile today with a cryptic photo and tweet.

X is next,” reads the update, most likely referencing the upcoming PlayStation 3 and PS Vita high-definition remaster of Final Fantasy X.

If the tease is anything to go by, we may soon be getting our first real look at Final Fantasy X HD.

Update 2/6/12 9:40pm eastern: Square Enix updated their Twitter today with a new message, “IX is next,” and new image, indicating that rather than a tease for Final Fantasy X HD, the Twitter updates are actually a countdown to the launch of Theathrhythm: Final Fantasy, which is due for 3DS on February 16 in Japan.

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  • FearMonkey


    (also want X)

    • Blades64

      @FearMonkey: Final Fantasy Versus 13…..Q4 2016

      Kingdom Hearts 3…..Q3 2020 on the PS5

  • Kougeru

    morons. everyone, including Japan…wants Versus

  • King-Optimus_777

    OMG !!!!!! what the fuck is wrong with square enix how could you be this fucking stupid my god a 10 year old could run their buisness and do a better job i want Versus XIII now !!!!!!!! do the just not care too much about the fact people been waiting for fucking 6 years i bet the last guardian, agent, & god of war 4 could make it out before Versus XIII

    • Skelter

      @King-Optimus_777: lol imagine how I feel about Kingdom Hearts 3…and they haven’t even released ANYTHING for it since its not even in development lol….I understand that they want time to make sure Versus is perfect..but man, it’s been a while….it was revealed around the same time as XIII and XIII already has a sequel lol…..(not that i should laugh about that, should be real baffled instead)

  • howardmoonish

    FFX is my favorite FF game by far so I’m actually happy about this.

  • Zero

    That looks like a chibi Tidus as an avatar. So, you are probably right Sal.

    I’m also getting kinda annoyed about having to read Square-Enix hate posts on every damn article that has any relation to the company.

    • Sal Romano

      @Zero: I feel the same way, sort of, but I can easily understand why people get so upset.

      It’s been six years. People just want their Versus XIII. Though, I don’t think the “X is next” necessarily means that it will be their primary focus, media-wise (like Final Fantasy XIII-2 was last year).

      • Zero

        @Sal Romano:

        I’m one of those people haha, I’m sure you are too.

        I just stop and consider how developing and tweaking a new engine roughly based off crystal tools takes time.

        I agree that announcing the game way back in 2006 was a big mistake, and has proved to be a huge blunder.

        People make it sound like Tetsuya Nomura (and everyone else involved) is keeping the finished game locked up in a vault someplace.

        Considering how long it has been in development, all the problems/delays, and how it has kept Nomura from working on any other new games.

        Why would they not want to get the game out, to get that monkey off their back?

        I could go on about how the Versus team is a separate team, and they had little to do with the development of 13-2, but no real need to do so.

        Well, let’s hope for everyone’s sake the game is released this year. ^^

  • King-Optimus_777

    @Skelter I mean i understand they need time but they have had 6 years!!!!!!! its time to release it the fact that they made a sequel to final fantasy xiii a game know one wanted sequel for tells you that their company want money all i know is that they better release Versus XIII either this year or early next year and keep it ps3 exclusive and announce kingdom hearts 3 exclusive to ps3

  • Sovereign Gale

    I don’t know how to feel about this. X has always been my favorite, and it got me into Final Fantasy, so it’s great that they’ll be remastering it…
    But damn, Versus XIII is just TOO long overdue. Dx

  • DarthNemesis

    I gave up on Square years ago.Dont know why anyone is surprised since they have been messing up the entire generation.The last good game they released was DQ8 and FFX was not that good.

    • KingdomPersona

      @DarthNemesis: Not really I enjoy them not say there the best and no that’s all.

  • They should have never announced it in the first place until they had something to show!

  • I don’t mind them releasing FFX (my favorite FF of all time) first but seriously they should do something about Versus XIII’s development. It’s been way long overdue and it’s not funny anymore.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    Ok so Ill 100% FFX (again =\) so the wait for versus 13 wont seem to bad….

  • vertical09

    X was one of the best FF’s out there,It had the awesome story and awesome gameplay , the only FF that i didnt like was 8 but i wouldnt say i HATE it =P. Haters sure do go a long way.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @vertical09: Im playing 8 now :D and I love it!

      Gameplay coulda been better thoguh

  • hush404

    Sigh. I like FFX. But like most of the comments before me, I want Versus. It seems like they don’t give a shit about that game.

  • vertical09

    @hush404 Or maybe its BECAUSE they give a shit that its taking so long.
    Rome wasnt built in a day (it also wasnt teased for a year but hey).

  • FaithlessMr

    At this point I basically gave up on SE as a company. I’ve learn not to expect anything from them, and basically just feel surprised by what they do as we go.

    I’m still holding out for Kingdom Hearts DDD at this point, theaterythm, Bravely Default and other interesting rpg projects they may come up with.

    As a company? I think they’re way way WAY oblivious as to what their consumers want, they’re in need of a wake up call, because they’re still living inside this bubble, that will burst eventually. And when they do, they’ll realize that they definitely need to heed their consumer’s call, the ones that give ’em the money they want.

    And right now, everyone just wants for ’em to fucking release the games they announced six years ago. Do excuse my bluntness, but some things need to be said, and I’m sure you’ll read worse in many other forum/comment boards ;)

  • Jackle

    Since it’s just a remaster, I hope it doesn’t take too long and it does really, really well, so that we can get a Kingdom Hearts HD collection.

    As for Versus…yeah, you guys pretty much said what needed to be said. -sigh- To think, I was xx years old six years ago and I still don’t have this game in my hand.

    Does anyone know what the people in Japan think about this? I’m not fluent in Japanese, but I’m curious if they’re hating on Square due to the long delay of Versus.

    • FaithlessMr

      The game is slowly decreasing in the Famitsu Reader’s most wanted list of games. Sure that won’t tell you what all the japanese gamers think, since it only covers the demographic of famitsu readers who sent in their list of most wanted games, but…well, it lets you know that in general, they’re giving up on the game just as we are in the west, pretty much.

  • dart2087

    No Versus no deal.

  • Akira_Tenshi

    Actually nothing to do with FF X. It is a countdown for Thearythm which releases in ten days.


    • FaithlessMr

      Ahah, and everyone’s going crazy about it assuming SE is teasing the FF X HD remake instead of Versus :P

      But…shouldn’t they update the countdown, if that’s true?