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PlayStation Vita launch reviews rounded up
posted on 02.13.12 at 11:06 AM EST by (@salromano)
Buy a Vita as early as February 15.

PlayStation Vita isn’t officially out until February 22, but early adopters planning on purchasing the Little Deviants first edition bundle can get their system as early as this Wednesday, February 15. The review embargo for hardware and launch titles lifted today, and we’ve rounded them up. How did Uncharted: Golden Abyss fair with reviewers? How about wipEout 2048 Find out below.

This list will be constantly updated.

PlayStation Vita Hardware

Army Corps of Hell

FIFA Soccer

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

Little Deviants

Lumines: Electronic Symphony

ModNation Racers: Road Trip

Rayman Origins

  • UGO – B+/A+

Reality Fighters

Super Stardust Delta

Touch My Katamari

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

wipEout 2048

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  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Why am I not shocked by all the low scores. I truly love American Gaming media…..

    Die Sony Die…..we like Bing search with voice recognition….not games!

    • Sal Romano

      @Malcolm Reynolds: I fail to see what Bing or being American has to do with anything. The correlation between liking Bing and giving a PS Vita game a low score – it’s pretty much nonexistent.

      Just to be totally fair, how many of these games have you actually played? I wouldn’t call out any reviewer on their score unless I’ve played the game myself.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        @Sal Romano: Being American has everything to do with the Media hate that has done its best to derail Sony this entire generation and it continues with the scores on the Vita and it’s games.

        Uncharted has some solid scores but it is not immune to the trolling either. Most of the rest of the lineup is being trashed though.

        This is the same reason why PS3 can be trashed constantly even when it is the only console still releasing fantastic exclusives while the focus on Kinect shovelware and “bing” and every other useless non game related feature on xbox….not to mention the RRoD fiasco can be swept under the rug by AMERICAN MEDIA and the sales continue to dominate in the US and US only. The rest of the world gets it…..American gaming media will not let their hate of all things non American go.

        I have played:
        Uncharted Golden Abyss, (Amazing…cannot believe it is in the palm of my hands) Gravity Rush (Holy Crap what an innovative and fun actioner) Wipeout 2048 (just as fun as always and graphically delicious) Fifa (not even a soccer fan and yet am still impressed) Virtua Tennis 4 (Wow….just wow) and Little Deviants (how cute….a nice fun little diversion but not a must buy/play)……all in all I have played some solid stuff and have NEVER seen anything of this type of quality on a handheld before. And yes….I have played much of RE Revelaitons. (misspelled on purpose).

        If the American Media had its way MS would be the only player in the game and that would be the day that I quit gaming. Please don’t pretend you haven’t noticed the extreme bias these last 6 years.

        • DGM09

          @Malcolm Reynolds: Disregarding any slight hint of reason you may have in your post (I’m being nice, I found none), it’s biased as hell. I don’t even need to point out where; it’s everywhere. You’re the true definition of a fanboy, as overused as that word is.
          Chill out, no one attacked your mother. It’s just a company.

          • zakou

            @DGM09: It’s not biased, im not here to defend but he is right, it’s the truth and nothing else, people these days are afraid of the truth.

            As much as i followed Microsoft and Sony the media has always been on MS side, only recenty Sony got some attention. What does this mean? why did you mention mothers? i dont know this is just the truth of how media works favors for some, has nothing to do with moms or anything.

      • Mousse Effect

        @Sal Romano: If there is something more meaningless than attributing an arbitrary number to a game that each of us will probably experience differently, it’s attributing a number to a game system. That doesn’t even make any kind of sense. What number would you have given the SNES, the Wii or the PS2 before knowing 99% of the games that came out on it ?

        I’m sorry but I fail to see what role system reviews have except expressing deeply subjective and personal opinions on subjects journalists probably don’t know better that the people who made the system.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @Malcolm Reynolds: Glad im not the only one whos noticed that this gen

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        @KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler: Sadly most people aren’t vocal about it b/c they will be labeled as Fanboys and Sony Pony’s. I care not about being labeled.

        I call them like I see them. America is truly vapid and I am ashamed to rub elbows with idiots on the daily.

  • FearMonkey

    That hardware review by Gizmodo reeks of cynicism to me. He’s reviewing it like it’s a phone and it’s not a phone and was never meant to be a phone. It’s a gaming device and he should review it as such or as a pure piece of tech. Pretty much the only valid criticism he has in the entire piece is that the camera isn’t very good. Even the 3DS has a better camera.

    I’ve had a Vita pre-ordered since it was pretty much announced, but I had to regretfully cancel that pre-order last week. I just can’t afford it at this point. Definitely getting one in the future. Probably when Disgaea 3 and Dragon’s Crown are out for it.

    EDIT: And Gravity Rush too.

  • Sal Romano

    The review embargo for Touch My Katamari and Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen lifts tomorrow. Just sayin’ in case people are looking for those reviews.

    Edit: Looks like Eurogamer has their review for TMK today.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      @Sal Romano: Never been a Katamari fan but I am quite interested in Shinobido 2…..looks like an updated Tenchu! YUMMY…..I have no doubt however the reviews will completely trash it. Especially from sites like LOL IGN/Gamespot etc.

  • Gaara D. Dragon

    What i pretty much expected of the launch titles and Uncharted is pretty well rated after all.

    We all are a little too eager to be be judgmental.

  • Locksus

    The Vita console reviews seem pretty favorable to me, especially if Jim Sterling likes the console :p I can’t buy the Vita at launch because as a student I can’t afford it at the moment, but later I might give it a try considering the amount of JRPG coming out on it.

    I just hope some of them will get released here in Europe.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      @Locksus: Nice Jim Sterling joke!

      sorry you can’t get a Vita at launch. Hope you can soon.

      I too am stoked for the JRPG goodness that is no doubt on the way!

  • I wonder why nobody has reviewed Escape Plan yet.

  • FaithlessMr

    Like every other launch line up, it features avarage to good games, or so it seems. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Many still claimed this was the best launch line up in the videogaming history. While it has diversity and I can vouch for that, I never thought it would be tremendously different from any other launch line up quality wise, and at a first glance, guess others agree with me. A couple of things I do have to point out, tho;

    a) Review scores don’t mean much, not for me at least. I’ll have to read through most of these reviews, at least for the games I care for;

    b) A game doesn’t have to be scored 9’s or 10’s all around to be amazing.

    My point being: This isn’t as spectacular of a launch line up as many claimed it was (which isn’t to say it is bad), but it can easily be pointed out as being one that offers lots of diversity. I can’t definitely disagree with that.

    That being said, I’m still doing what I said I would do ever since the Vita was announced: I’m waiting for a price drop and most importantly, for games I really want (like that Tales of Innocence R for example :x). I was lucky enough to have some quality time with the hardware, and it has a beautiful, beautiful screen. Hardware wise, there’s very little I’d change about it.

    Now I just need some games I want to play on it. Until then, I’m fine with my psp-ds-3ds combo for all my portable gaming needs.

  • yencid

    all around what i expected.

    Im still deciding between getting wipeout or Uncharted.

    8 and 9s are what i expected and got. I dont see the problem.

    You guys have to learn to game like you did when you were younger. Stop caring so much about the score. Read the review, Read the criticism, decide if it wont hamper your experience. Skip the score. Dont mind the scores so much. Mind the info they shell out.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      @yencid: I still game for fun. Which is why I am a fanboy of GAMES and not what system it is released on. Although I will never buy a piece of MS hardware EVER again I still buy the games I would like to someday play on the system, from my Legendary Reach edition to my Naughty Edition of Agarest war….I love games.

      I have my 3G Vita bought and paid for along with Uncharted. Interested in Shinobido 2 and w/o a doubt buying Escape Plan. Gravity Rush is delicious fun and like locksus up there….cannot fecking wait for the JRPG love that is surely coming. FFXHD FTW!

      I don’t base my purchasing on review scores but the Sheeple of America typically do….enough hate for hits from the media gets engrained in their heads and we have another case of the 360 outselling the PS3 when it lacks reliability and most importantly….GAMES.
      There is room for the 3DS and the VITA to co-exist and I am just confused at the lengths “professional” reviewers will go to to trash anything Sony related.

      I mean….look at the scads of articles b**ching about how exorbitant the price of memory is on the Vita. Last I checked the price of memory on the PSP was FAR higher and price per GB for 360 memory is outrageous but that last bit is all well and good as Sony isn’t the culprit.

      Anyway….I love games for the fun they bring….thats the reason I bought a GameGear, Atari Lynx, GameBoy, GBA SP, Turbo Express, and a SupaBoy in the last two weeks…..all the handhelds my parents couldn’t afford me as a kid…I decided to acquire and my word what happened to the simpler times when games were simply about FUN instead of webhits for biased wack ass opinions?

  • rockman29

    I think I’m gonna cave. I’m probably going to just pick up a 8GB card and the Vita, and then download SSHD Delta…

    Uncharted looks way too good… and it might be putting too much faith in the thing for me…