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PlayStation 3 firmware 4.10 announced [Update]
posted on 02.07.12 at 09:32 PM EST by (@salromano)
Improved web browser.

PlayStation 3 will soon be updated to firmware version 4.10, enhancing the internet browser and renaming PlayStation Network accounts to Sony Entertainment Network accounts.

The update includes:

  • An improved internet browser – optimizes the display of content and increases the accuracy when viewing page layouts. Some sites that previously could not be correctly displayed, including interactive websites, are now supported.
  • Auto-sync time – every time your PlayStation 3 system c onnects to PlayStation Network, you can now set your system to auto-sync the time and date.
  • PlayStation Network accounts will be renamed Sony Entertainment Network accounts. The registration process and credentials will remain the same.

The download will be 180mb. It has not yet been released, but usually, it comes out the night it’s announced.

Thanks, PlayStation Blog Germany.

Update 10:00pm: The update is now available for download.

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  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    ALready got it =\

  • Kougeru

    “you can now set your system to auto-sync the time and date.” Only took 5.5 years….Can’t tell you how many times I’d turn on my PS3 only to see my time was off again….even odder is that it was always by like 8 minutes or so, instead of by a timezone.

  • vertical09

    Nice, the internet fix is real nice, i never knew this site had a red background until now XD

    • Aldridge517

      @vertical09: Yeah, it’s about time they got it right. I’ve been complaining about how crappy the PS3 browser was for while.

    • Sal Romano

      @vertical09: XD

      Yeah. PlayStation 3 wasn’t necessarily the best browser to view the site on. But it works great now. Even the AJAX stuff works (test the image clicks on this page to see what I mean: