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A look at the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box
posted on 02.20.12 at 11:51 AM EST by (@salromano)
Square Enix provides look inside.

Square Enix updated its Message from the Kingdom blog today with a first look at the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box.

Due in Japan on March 29 for 15,000 yen, the box includes Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS), Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS), and Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (DS), as well as a 12-piece postcard set and protective cover.

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  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    It would be nice if they have this for the west as well.

  • vertical09

    OMFG, beautiful

  • Fantastic collectors peice. I wish it come overseas!

  • anime10121

    Freking beautiful!
    Although even as a HUGE Kingdom Hearts Fan, this box is entirely unnecessary. I mean most KH fans already have Coded and Days(which you can find for less than 20 bucks a peice), and although the postcards and protective case (which I would love as a preorder bonus for the west) are nice their not worth an extra $100 and change.

    They are trying to sell a godly awesome looking game, (3D Dream Drop Distance) with 2 old and the least awesome games in the series, 10 post cards, and a protective case for about $200. I’d understand if you got the special edition 3DS with it but its not included in this box. This sadly is just Square capitalizing on the 10th anniversary of my favorite series. *Pouts*

  • Blackmage456

    damn nearly 200 bucks for this?!? No thanks, for that price it should come with a lot more than that.

  • hush404

    Anyone else find it silly that they’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of the PS2 game that started it all by packing together 3 DS spin-off-esc games? Give my KH1 and 2 (hell even throw in the rechain remake) in HD on my PS3 and I might be impressed.

    • anime10121

      @hush404: Well technically the 3DS game Dream Drop Distance is not a spinoff. It will be as important as KH0(BBS), KH1, and KH2. Dont know how many times this needs to be repeated, but alas, just because a game is on a handheld does NOT mean its a spinoff. If it is less important to you because you dont want to purchase a handheld, that’s fine and dandy, but it does not make this game any less important because of your feelings. Sorry if that sounds harsh or anything but it irks my nerves when people delegate anything on a handheld as less important than an hd console release.

      • XxBarretxX


        When developers make franchises on handhelds that were originally created on console. It’s because either the crowd is niche “Valkryia Chronicles” or they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing with the franchise and are trying to turn a profit out of a name. That’s what Kingdom Hearts has become, a name, a name meant to sell and do nothing else.

        • anime10121

          @XxBarretxX: But the games have still all been fun, even the most lackluster ones 358/2 Days and Re:Coded had unique combat systems and gameplay. Is that not what matters for a game?

          Oh and they were turning a profit on the games for the consoles too when they were released. From what I heard handheld games nowadays cost just as much to make than the PS2 generation of consoles did and look just as good to boot. People need to understand that HD games are HUGE investments over the last Gen of consoles and that many times dont yield nearly the same amount of profit because of the giant jump in said costs.

          People constantly complaining and not buying the games (FFXIII-2 for ex. even though its vastly improved over the original, people are not buying it just because they never “asked for it”) that they do release for HD consoles also gives them more reason to not release games for those consoles. Nier, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4, The Last Remnant etc. have all sold less than Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, BBS, Crisis Core FFVII, Type 0, and Dissidia. When you can spend less, make more, and make a higher quality product, why take the risk to develop for an HD console?

          Dont get me wrong though, an HD Kingdom Hearts 3 WILL happen eventually and with it being my favorite series, I cant wait!!! But people who disregard the handheld versions will only be lost when it inevitably arrives all because they disregard important entries in the series that lack a numeral at the end of the title.

          • Zero


            You made some great points. +1 ^^

            I can add this though.

            Portables have dominated gaming hardware and software in Japan for a few years now.

            So many of us here on gematsu love Japanese games. It’s one of the main reasons the comment sections light up when the topic is about one.

            And while some of us wish they would keep us in mind when trying to decide what hardware to make a new game on, the consumer in Japan is the main focus.

            Smart business tells you to release games on the best selling and most popular hardware.

            Since like 2006 or so in Japan, portables have dominated. Monster Hunter played a big role with this, but Square-Enix has made good profit on the portables as well.

            I’ve been hoping that as the developers in Japan become more familiar with the current generation of consoles, they might try and make some of these great portable titles on the PS3/360.

            Hopefully, the gamers in Japan will fully support them.

            I like portable hardware, and I enjoy good games regardless of what system they are on.

            I just prefer to play on my HDTV with a controller and surround sound, while sitting in my favorite chair. :P

      • hush404

        @anime10121: Okay, so the upcoming may be relevant, but it still stands that the other two are “spin-off-esc”. I didn’t say they were bad or that I didn’t play them, or even that they should be ignored… It’s just that it seems silly to call the set the 10th anniversary boxset if it’s not connected to the games in question. I guess what I’m trying to say is, they named the box set wrong.

  • Zero

    Looks nice.

    Games are more expensive in Japan, if by some miracle this box was brought to the west, it would probably be around $100.

    I agree with the HD remaster on PS3 though. I mentioned before I’d even like to see Birth by Sleep included, like peacewalker was in the MGS collection.

    • anime10121


      Although it wont because this is Square, the company who is probably going to charge us 40 bucks for a remaster of Final Fantasy X by itself, instead of bundling it with its sequel like every other company.

      And sadly I will still buy it. Square really has a hold on me:(

    • hush404

      @Zero: I never thought of BBS being included in an HD remaster… that would be hellish awesome. BBS, KH1 and KH2… would be something I’d be willing to pay full price for.

  • rockman29

    I thought this was a new HD remaster. Effing Square, they never know what’s up…

  • lordshihan

    Wish they’d do this for the PS Vita.

  • FaithlessMr

    Looks gorgeous, sucks I already have both DS games that come with this package.