Square Enix trademarks Final Fantasy Dimensions - Gematsu
Square Enix trademarks Final Fantasy Dimensions
posted on 01.21.12 at 10:52 AM EST by (@salromano)
Domain name registered, too.

Square Enix trademarked the name “Final Fantasy Dimensions” in the U.S. and Europe recently.

Discovered by Miladesn, the trademark was filed on January 16. A domain name, FinalFantasyDimensions.com, was also registered.

Final Fantasy titles are developed by Square Enix’s 1st Production Department. Could this be that PlayStation 3 / PS Vita title that leaked early last month?

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  • Maybe it is a new Final Fantasy game or maybe an alternate title for an existing Final Fantasy game. Either way, I am curious about it.

  • rockman29

    Is this another way to make Final Fantasy suck?

    P.S. Congrats guys on getting the site back up, just remembered, keep up the great work :)

  • Devoted

    “Dimensions”… 3DS, maybe?

    • FaithlessMr

      Yeah, I mean…Dimensions….that definitely sounds like 3DS, not like a PS3/Vita title.

      Anyway,I’m ready for whatever so bring it!

    • @Devoted: 3d

    • Sal Romano

      @Devoted: You know, some people are suggesting it could be the western title for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

      • FaithlessMr

        @Sal Romano:
        I also thought of that, would make sense, even tho I’d prefer if the game stayed as Bravely Default (YES I AM AWARE THAT BRAVELY DEFAULT IS AN AWFUL NAME BUT I LIKE IT BETTER :3)

        • Devoted

          @mateuspradosousa: I’m sorry, I didn’t get what you meant…

          @Sal Romano: Yeah, Ive read that around too… makes sense, since BD:FF is like a sucessor to 4 Heroes of Light… but I don’t know..

          @FaithlessMr: That you got right, fine sir. It’s an awful name. :p Cute, but awful, specially in a western market, no?

          Still… their objective is to just probably cash on the FF brand (again), but as long as the game’s good… No argument from me :p

  • Gaara D. Dragon

    It’s Final Fantasy XIII-3 you idiots….

    • Mousse Effect

      @Gaara D. Dragon: It’s Versus XIII-2.

      No really it sounds like the least exciting FF title since “My like as King”

  • Revorse

    I’m thinking Dissidia? Maybe making a leap to a new system. I mean the characters all come from different Dimensions. But who really knows at this point.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 already sold 100.000 copies more than predecessor, in pre-sales in the U.S. http://bit.ly/yITtev