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Sony shutters Bigbig, restructures Cambridge studios
posted on 01.10.12 at 01:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Changes in the United Kingdom.

Sony Computer Entertainment is making changes to two of its U.K. studios.

First, it has proposed the closure of its Leamington Spa-based BigBig studio, which has just finished work on PlayStation Vita’s Little Deviants. Details are still being finalized, and the amount of jobs lost is still uncleaer.

Meanwhile, across states, Sony is restructuring its Cambridge studio, partnering it with the Netherlands-based Guerilla Games to build Killzone titles for PlayStation Vita.

Sony’s other U.K. studios were not affected by these changes.

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  • hush404

    Must be hard to work on a game (something Sony is showing off quite a bit for the Vita) only to have your studio shut donw :(

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      @hush404: Sad times. Hope these folks can be relocated within the company as opposed to be tossed out on their keesters.