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Blizzard: Diablo III coming to consoles
posted on 01.10.12 at 08:56 AM EST by (@salromano)
Community manager confirms.

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed the oft-rumored Diablo III for consoles.

In a tweet today, responding to a fan asking about Diablo III for consoles, Blizzard community manager Micah Whipple (known as Bashiok to the Diablo III community) responded, “Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project.”

Thanks, Diablo Fans.

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  • Awesome! I can’t wait to play Diablo III on my PS3. :D

    • hush404

      @Chaos Raiden: Me too :) As much as I like my PC for blizzard games, I could totally see Diablo being done justice on the PS3.

  • Valmaton

    Hmmm..I’m listening.

  • ramestre

    Wow… Then I don’t need an awesome PC to play this? *look smiling to the PS3*

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Cool for those who wanted this. I prefer pc for Diablo and I hope the game is not delayed.

  • gold163

    I wonder if they’ll be able to implement the same features like the auction house, etc. properly on consoles? And I wonder if the game will contain user-generated content at all. Either way, if you’ll have to be connected to Blizzard’s own servers, I can see Microsoft not being happy about that.

  • rockman29

    Mouse and KB support now!

    • FearMonkey

      @rockman29: If they wanted to, they could add KB/Mouse support to the PS3 version. PS3 supports bluetooth keyboards and mice. Unreal Tournament III supported it in fact. Very disappointing that more devs don’t take advantage of that. They’re either too lazy or too cheap. Oh well.

      • rockman29

        @FearMonkey: Just what I’m worried about!

  • CheeseCakez

    Old news is old.

  • captainhowdy

    I will get this if this doesn’t have the online only. That’s the only reason why I don’t want the PC version.

    • rockman29

      @captainhowdy: That is an EXTREMELY good point! I never even thought of that!