Tecmo Koei acquires Gust Corporation
posted on 12.07.11 at 05:55 AM EST by (@salromano)
Gust to become Tecmo Koei subsidiary.

Koei Tecmo Holdings today announced it will acquire Atelier and Ar Tonelico series developer Gust Corporation.

The company will acquire all 495 shares of Gust stock for a price of 22 million yen, making Gust a full subsidiary of Koei Tecmo.

Tecmo Koei, Koei Tecmo’s western branch, is a known publisher of Gust-developed games in Europe through partnership with NIS America.

Read the press release here (Japanese).

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  • SlashZaku

    SCE/SCEJ probably should have bought them up. A bulk of their stuff, just from looking at Wiki is on the PlayStation platform and I’d figure they’d fit right in with the added benefit of being in that 1st party stable (sharing of tech). SCEA/SCEE have been building up this gen but SCEJ has pretty much been the same and hasn’t been expanding much.

    Hopefully Tecmo-Koei lets Gust function as they have been.

  • Hope this doesn’t somehow effect releases of these titles here.

    • SlashZaku

      @Wolfe: NISA was handling their titles here, right? Just means Tecmo-Koei’s NA branch would take over NA publishing now.

  • NCloud

    As long as they keep pumping out great games, Its all good :)