Tales of Innocence R trailer three
posted on 12.11.11 at 10:56 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Is that Milla from Tales of Xillia?

The third Tales of Innocence R trailer went live a little early, courtesy of Amazon Japan. Somewhere in there, amongst anime, battle, and field scenes, is a cameo from Milla Maxwell of Tales of Xillia.

At least, according to Japanese bloggers. We were able to find the scene where she supposedly appears, which is around 24 seconds in, but text covers most of the character Ruca is battling – which is supposedly Milla.

A few other characters appear to make cameos during three of the party members’ mystic artes, such as Senel Coolidge (Tales of Legendia) in Ange’s. Never mind, as a commenter points out, these are not cameos.

Watch the trailer below.

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  • NCloud

    This is like a breath of fresh air after the Spike VGAs :P

  • Enigma_XIV

    Ok, that’s not Senel in Anges arte SPOILER BEGINS HERE: Thats Ange in a past life, i forgot his name.

  • Localise, localise, localise…