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PS3 exclusive VGAs title gets teaser, website
posted on 12.03.11 at 06:07 PM EST by (@salromano)
Layin' on the couch watching Sunday football.

GameTrailers and Spike TV have gone live with the teaser video of the ‘unbelievable’ new PlayStation 3 exclusive set to be revealed at next week’s Video Game Awards in Los Angeles.

The teaser contains no computer-generated or gameplay footage, only a man speaking about how the world’s gone to shit over real-life video.

The video ends with the words “The Last Of Us,” and a link to a teaser site, accessible here.

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  • Kougeru

    I like the ant video better lol. I’m very much betting on this being completely different than the Sony Smash-like game…just based on the website and videos. Seems like an apocalypse-type game. I don’t see Resident Evil 6 being exclusive…and it wouldn’t be “unbelievable” even if it was…I can’t really think of any established franchise that would make sense to be moved to PS3-ONLY for a company, financially. That makes me more excited.

    • @Kougeru: I would be extremely surprised because it should be common sense to release RE6 on the 360. RE5 sold millions on the 360 and no game like this is ever exclusive this day and age. They would lose a ridiculous amount of potential money and they would be pissing off fans that can’t get it. It would be a ridiculous decision. Capcom is the last company that would do something like this.

      In fact, I don’t doubt RE: Revelations comes to the Vita in something like a director’s cut.

      • SlashZaku

        @Keegs79: Could happen if Sony helped foot the bill but then again, I don’t see Capcom accepting that. At the most, I’d see Sony trying to get some exclusive content (a side story spin-off packed in that they pay for or something of that sort) which would be more in line with what they’ve been doing (see SFxT).

        I think that’ll mostly become the ‘norm’ going into next gen with 3rd parties: DLC. If full 3rd party exclusives can’t be nabbed, it’ll be DLC/extras of that sort (it’s already out of hand with DLC/extras split between retailers for preorders but you start throwing console specific ones into the mix…ugh). Imagine RE6 where PS3 owners get Jill, 360 owners get Chris, PC owners get Leon, and then each version has an exclusive Legacy Boss (Tyrant, Nemesis, etc.) & weapon.

        Or at the very least, we’ll start seeing joint ventures with IPs between console makers and 3rd parties to help build up some IPs. I’d love if Sony backed SEGA on Valkyria Chronicles for instance (development, marketing, etc.). What if MS backed Bethesda on a new IP (or on a new QA team)?

        • @SlashZaku: Exclusive content or timed exclusive content is the only possibility otherwise, not ever happening. If Sony was going to do something like that, they would have with GTAIV and if they was going to do it with RE they would have with RE5. Again, exclusive content, yeah. I can agree with that but here on out it will get it and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo pushes to get RE6 on the Wii U! If they are series about getting the hardcore, that is a franchise that is a must.

          Valkyria Chronicles though is a bad example of teaming up. It sold poorly here so Sony themselves let alone Sega doesn’t have much incentive to release another here. That had to be the primary reason why the sequel went to the PSP. Microsoft’s QA team? I can’t imagine them having much experience with the lack of great titles they come up with. Yeah, that is an intentional jab at Microsoft.

          • SlashZaku

            @Keegs79: I think they also want to avoid a bidding war with MS. Not only that, but MS threw money at some of these publishers for timed exclusives and although it helped them get a better foothold, really, all that money for a game that was coming to another platform anyways? I still am in the mindset that MS should have better spent all that money on new IPs instead of ‘timed exclusives’.

            I don’t think VC is a bad example. The first one was a gem but I think if Sony hopped on to support this exclusive RPG venture, things would have turned out better and the series would have gotten back over to the PS3 (still hoping for PS3 & Vita with the next if it happens). Imagine the Canvas engine streamlined with Sony’s first party tech/help and also having Sony to help localize the series (although Sony has been hit/miss on that front: they localized WKC but left WKC2 to D3P and also left Demon’s Souls to Atlus but later regretted that mistake). So since SEGA doesn’t have the mindset to help the series out overseas, that’s why I want Sony to step in and help ‘salvage’ it for the rest of their fans outside of Japan.

            And the MS QA thing was more of a jab at Bethesda. MS can throw them some money to build a new QA team or hire more people cause their current team hasn’t been cutting it.

            • @SlashZaku: I don’t think it has anything to do with Sega. The only thing you can argue is marketing but I still don’t think it would have done that well. Strategy titles are not that popular. Its a niche genre on console. The game was done with good production values and done so more than most in its genre. It makes no business since to try to make another game of a series that just didn’t sale well at all.

              Microsoft does need new IPs and that is my biggest complaint with them. They don’t have the big catalog of titles that Sony and Nintendo does.

              • SlashZaku

                @Keegs79: Fans will argue about SEGA. The sequel was moved to PSP (they said fans had wanted to see the series there but a main title and that kind of change? I think they were going after the handheld market mainly) and so was the 3rd game, which is said to be an improvement/headed back in the right direction. However, they had to have made that choice willingly knowing about the PSP outside of Japan. They cite that VC2 didn’t sell enough in the West which is why fans aren’t going to see the 3rd game outside of Japan. Some of us are still holding out for some Vita up port at the very least but SEGA does factor in hugely on how the franchise was handled. The first game was solid and got most of it’s support through the fanbase by word of mouth. SEGA stunted that by moving it to the PSP which put Western fans off. VC4 on PS3 & Vita would be a step in the right direction.

                MS has been opening studios but from what little I’ve seen, quite a few of them are Kinect focused. So it’s great they’re adding more studios but they’re still off target for quite a few people with them being Kinect focused. Sony and Nintendo have large first parties and great 2nd party connections (Sony can shove some of their IPs off to the smaller teams like what they’re doing with some of the Vita titles). I’m interested in seeing how all 3 come out swinging for Next Gen. Sony and Nintendo on first party and 2nd party support alone should be fine to kind of ‘standout’ but I kind of figure if MS is going to go back to their earlier methods possibly (3rd party timed exclusives) to give them a boost if they focus too much on the Kinect stuff. It’s just a matter of 3rd parties this time around buckling/giving into that with Sony & Nintendo there on better footing (I don’t think anyone is getting that year head start).

                • @SlashZaku: Yeah, the fans wanted to and even I wanted that as well but the fans are a minority. They are is not enough fans since the first game didn’t sell well. The series had a word of mouth with the first one and it didn’t still do well and neither did the sequel.

                  I don’t know what studios you are talking about with Microsoft. Everyone making games for Kinect are either third parties or Rare. They grabbed up Twisted Pixel but didn’t open any new studios from what I know. I wonder what Microsoft has in store for their next console. I am sure Epic is probably making something specifically for them again.

                  • SlashZaku

                    @Keegs79: You would think fans would be the ones you’d be trying to please of any given series but as we’ve seen this gen, it’s usually the mass market/general gamers that gets the better treatment =\ And that’s mostly due to the price of game development nowadays (another reason 3rd party exclusives have died off). Would love to see budgets come down next gen so studios would be more willing to take on new IPs or revisit series that aren’t FPS and the like.

                    I check in on NeoGAF every now and then and they’ve had threads about MS opening a few studios over the past year and half (give or take). They just opened one in Victoria, BC. Then they have ‘Family’, ‘Soho’, ‘Vancouver’, and a few others. Just check ‘Microsoft Game Studios’ on Wiki.

  • zerolegacy0

    I found something I think can help everybody figure what game this is.

    This video is the video the ant clips were taken from.
    Oh and the the stuff they are talking about mainly grows in China. So RE 6 HYPE.

    • Kougeru

      @zerolegacy0: Nice find. I don’t see why they’d make it exclusive though with the sales it got on both systems. I wouldn’t mind though. Though, if it’s RE6 , then they’re definitely over-hyping it by calling it “unbelievable”

  • Blackmage456

    I watched last years VGA show and the game announcements were great, but the celebrities “acting” like they enjoy video games, the awkwardness to lame jokes being thrown around on stage and no one laughing and the constant olivia munn being everywhere on camera making d**k jokes was so lame. I hope its better this year.

    • Sal Romano

      @Blackmage456: The VGAs as a show generally sucks. The reveals are why it’s worth watching.

      • Genesis

        @Sal Romano: 100 percent true..I only watch for the reveals tbh

      • Sleepygamer

        @Sal Romano: couldn’t agree more

      • @Sal Romano: I think that the show has an important role in bringing celebrities, humor and everything, because it draws people’s attention to the world of gaming. Complaining and not recognize this function is not the smartest thing to do. VGA is the Oscars of video games and gamers should be thankful for that.

        • Genesis

          @mateuspradosousa: Lol that’s many people’s opinions…It’s extremely mediocre and it sucks…Last year was terrible ugh

    • @Blackmage456: They try to look like the Oscars and the VMA, and not see any harm in it. Like I said, the show has an important role in bringing celebrities, humor and everything, because it draws people’s attention to the world of gaming.

  • Chaos Raiden

    Can’t wait to see what this PS3 exclusive is. I really hope it is a great game that will not let gamers down.

  • Firsty I agree with Blackmage456 about the celebrity presence at the VGA’s and the very forced way in which they act during the show. As for the video, it is very poignant and interesting, though I’m not sure about it being RE6 myself. It looks like it could be a new IP, something set in a dystopian (or some would argue realistic) modern world in the brink of chaos. Ah well, only time will tell!

  • Zero

    After watching that video, I think it is a new project, a new intellectual property, whatever you want to call it.

    It still is interesting from the early promos, if the games story is going to focus on the content shown.

    I’m just not buying that its a sequel to a well known franchise.

    If it was, I’d be more inclined to go with some sort of shooting game.

  • Gaara D. Dragon

    Most likely Final Fantasy XIII-3.

    Yep that must be it.

  • SlashZaku

    I’m hoping that whatever it is, it’s more ‘survival’ focused and less ‘action/kill everything’ focused (since I see people constantly throwing out the ‘zombie’ theme after seeing the above). If it goes for a more survival approach (limited supplies, any simple encounter can end you, making decisions on sticking with others or braving it on your own with the concept that others can turn on you to save themselves, etc.) with a decent storyline and great atmosphere, I think it’ll be interesting. But right now, we only have the bare minimum to go off of so we’ll have to wait for more details/the VGAs.

  • martymcflyy85

    This year’s VGA’s host is Zachary Levi. At least he’s a gamer in real life, so at least he’ll understand the lines he’ll be reading. Should be much better than last year.

  • rockman29

    Is this related to Syphon Filter?