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Kingdom Hearts 3D hits Japan in March
posted on 12.16.11 at 07:57 PM EST by (@salromano)
New trailer shown at Jump Festa.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will launch in Japan this March, Square Enix has announced at Jump Festa.

Square Enix showcased a new, approximately 8 minute long trailer at the event, which is “amazing,” according to one fan tweet. Axel makes a return, Terranort and Vanitas are in, and Joshua and Shiki from The World Ends With You, as well. We’ll post it as soon as it goes online.

Thanks, Aibo.

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  • Jackle

    The mentions of the two protagonists from Birth by Sleep (and Axel), makes me really interested on how big of a role they play in this new installment. I can’t wait for a NA localization announcement!

  • thunderbear

    This is probably the game that will get me to buy a 3DS

  • FaithlessMr

    I want to watch that trailer :x

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Im looking forward this..

    Slightly off topic… Now that KH3DS production is almost complete.
    Type-0 is being localized and XIII-2 released and on its way to the rest of the world in about a month.Does this finally mean that maybe just maybe we’ll get to play Versus XIII holiday 2012.

    • Sal Romano

      @FinalFantasy_fangirl: Maybe Japan will play Versus by holiday 2012, but I doubt we’ll see it in the U.S. and Europe until 2013.

      But, with XIII-2 out, I take it we’ll at least start seeing regular Versus XIII updates from Famitsu, Dengeki, and Jump starting in maybe like a month or two.

      • Jackle

        @Sal Romano: Nah, after XIII-2 release, then they’ll be a focus on XIII-3 ;)

    • FaithlessMr

      Square Enix will most likely keep coming up with excuses to postpone the game till forever. Don’t forget about Bravely Default, and then there’s the unnamed 1st Production Department game project, the Final Fantasy X HD remake, the sequel to Type-0, the new Parasite Eve game….The truth is, none of these games held up one another. FF XIII, Type 0, The 3rd Birthday were all announced around the same time, and they were all released meanwhile. So why does Versus keep being treated as the underdog? It’s as if they want us to forget about it lol.

      I’ve been hoping for that (that “we’d see Versus after they were done with game X, Y and Z”) ever since FF XIII released in Japan (2009). It’s 2011 and FF XIII got a direct sequel, and STILL no expected release date or anything solid about Versus other than a 6min trailer we were show almost a year back.

      I try to stay positive but then again, Versus is perhaps the worst marketed game in this history of videogames, and if SE doesn’t get real about it, I’m sure I’m not gonna be the only one who’ll stop caring about that “ghost game”.

      Do excuse the bluntness, but it’s somewhat frustrating to be promised this world and the other and being faced with nothing solid and concret ever since.

  • lordshihan

    We want Kingdom Hearts III. I’m tired of these kiddie games and I’m tired of Nintendo… Square Enix could at least release them on the the PSP and Vita.

    • @lordshihan: “Kiddes games.” You must not know much about this game. As far as KHIII… That’s just the sequel to KH: Dream Drop Distance. Why would you want the sequel before we even have its predecessor? The story wouldn’t make any sense.

      How silly of you. :3