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Final Fantasy XIII-2 scores perfect in Dengeki; Sazh teased as downloadable content [Update]
posted on 12.05.11 at 10:46 PM EST by (@salromano)
Dengeki awards Final Fantasy sequel an S.

This week’s Dengeki PlayStation has first dibs on reviewing Final Fantasy XIII-2. The magazine gave the game an S, their highest score, according to early leaks.

The magazine also has a.n interview with Square When asked if Sazh will appear in Final Fantasy XIII-2, the publisher said the game will continue after release (presumably through downloadable content), so to “look forward to later.”

Stay tuned. More details should leak out of Dengeki later on.

Thanks, Hachimaki.

Update 11:55pm: [email protected] has come through with a couple of new tidbits from the magazine’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 coverage.

  • The game can be cleared in 45 hours.
  • Having save data from Final Fantasy XIII heightens your chance at winning awards at Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s casino.
  • It auto-saves anytime you use the Historia Crux.
  • There are long load times.
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  • Genesis

    As a DLC? WTF -_- This DLC BS is getting a bit far fetched

    • whiteferrero

      @Genesis: same sentiments. i can understand wanting to make money, but why keep making gamers feel they’re buying an incomplete game?

      • Genesis

        @whiteferrero: Indeed! I loved FF XIII and I am so looking forward to XIII-2 but this turned my stomach

      • @whiteferrero: it’s not only Square

        • whiteferrero

          @mateuspradosousa: i wouldn’t know, i’m actually pretty new to this whole dlc thing. if i was a video game company, i’d also make dlcs, but not like this. I think tales is doing it right though, all their DLCs (from the news i’ve seen in this site) is mostly about adding a little extra, or adding some personality to the game experience. but this feels like they’re holding out on you.

      • L_kira

        @whiteferrero: Yeah. The way SE frames their DLCs is downright obvious. Before the actual game? Lol. It’s just like Capcom with their unlimited prefixes/suffixes in their fighting games. And then re-release a collection..and then people buy it again. Good thing I won’t. Enjoy playing this guys. I’ll just enjoy my Trails in the Sky, Tales of Graces: F, and Ni No Kuni, tyvm. :D

  • go-go-boy

    dlc……hahaha all man square you guys are seriously fucking up now STOP WITH ALL THIS DAMN DLC the damn game is nowhere near out yet ughh i hate this gen of gaming nothing but schemes and lies man this shit must stop

  • Sovereign Gale

    I sure hope they don’t make my FAVORITE character from XIII a DLC exclusive, but I’m glad to hear that it got a perfect score. Stuff like this goes to show that XIII-2 really DOES improve over the original, unlike the persistent naysayers persist in believing. >__>

  • SINCaliber

    FFXIII got a near perfect score. And yet, it still seems to generate a lot of mixed reaction.


    • abful

      @SINCaliber: Mixed reactions lol, that game was terrible. XIII-2 got a perfect score b/c square paid this time around. (Also Dengeki gave FFXIII 120/100) LOL.

      • SINCaliber

        @abful: Which is why I usually don’t bother with “official reviews” anymore. They’re not worth my time at all. This is all advertisement in my eyes more than weighing the strength and weakness of a game.

      • Sovereign Gale

        @abful: Right, so I challenge you to actually prove that Square paid. Until then, I call BS.

      • @abful: The green score 83/100 on Metacritic is “terrible” now?

        • abful

          @mateuspradosousa: after the hype settled down some people thought they were too generous with the score they gave it.FFXIII did not deserve anything above a 70/100.

      • dmysta3000

        @abful: I love how everyone now assumes that the reviewers were paid off whenever a game they hate gets a good score.

        Keep hating fanboys. LOL

        • abful

          @dmysta3000: FFXIII was terrible and Dengeki wanted to give it a 120/100, come now, open your eyes, there is something going on behind the scenes (Money changing hands baby.)

          Yeah am a fanboy like yourself of Good games.

          • Sovereign Gale

            @abful: Try harder.

            • abful

              @Sovereign Gale: OK, how about Dengeki getting to release their review before Famitsu (another paid Magazine), because Famitsu decided to give XIII a 39/40. They are being punished now.

              • Sovereign Gale

                @abful: How about citing this stuff, as opposed to just stating it without any means of backing your claims? Then I’ll take you seriously.

          • Charlie

            @abful: My arse FF 13 was terrible. Fanboys will ALWAYS complain no matter what.

  • vertical09

    WHY SAZH D: He was my favorite character T^T

  • Kurai Warrior

    Damn it man. Sazh is my favorite character as well. I HATE DLC. HATE IT.

    Still buying XIII-2 used regardless even if it generates amazing reviews. And they have to be at least good for me to even get it used.

    Though this Sazh thing makes it an even more easy decision. If its true anyways.

  • zerolegacy0

    Just canceled my pre-order today getting Skyrim instead, and I’m probably the biggest JRPG fanboy on this site lol.
    From now on I’ll waiting for Versus XIII.

  • lordshihan

    Great news! I love DLC and it doesn’t mean they’re selling an incomplete game. It just means they’ll continue to produce more content for us to drool over and I’m okay with that. Just as long as it’s reasonably priced I’ll buy all XIII-2 DLC. I’m glad Sazh might make an appearance and possibly Dajh?

  • A very good score, though I see it is already bringing up debate. I personally think (regardless of any review) that the game looks solid and in many ways more true to the series than XIII was, and for that alone I can imagine it getting big scores. As for DLC, I so share some of the complaints but I feel that as long as DLC is only very minor or aesthetic (like new costumes), it is fine. That said I am not a fan of DLC in itself and do often feel it is a sign of an incomplete product and actually sometimes lazy. Even so, it’s not long until the release of the game, so before long we’ll all be making up our own minds!

  • Chaos Raiden

    Amazing score. I guess FFXIII-2 did improve a lot since it’s predecessor, since Dengeki gave the game an ‘S’ grade. The loading times are quite worrying however, since that loading issue is not really a problem in FFXIII.

    I am curious to see what score Famitsu will give. I am very surprised if they give the game score higher than 34/40.

    • XxBarretxX

      @Chaos Raiden:

      lol, I can’t believe anyone pays attention to Famitsu’s scores for videogames. They’re probably the worst offender of “boosting” undeserving videogames scores.

  • chinglee

    For 360 users I’d imagine that the load times when using the Historia Crux can be improved if you install to the HDD.

    Hopefully the PS3 ver has optional install, although really, since the loading times are somewhat long only when changing timelines in the Historia Crux, it’s not such a big deal.

    About Sazh DLC: As long as Sazh makes some appearances in the games story segments and the DLC is just basically being able to recruit him into your party(kinda like monsters) then I am completely fine with that as long as the price for Sazh is reasonable ;)

    Ummm…the score: Not much to say since they basically just gave it a grade and the full review isn’t out. I want to know what they thought about the game.

    EDIT: *reads through comments* Good lord there are some really childish oafs here -__-

  • ekka4shiki

    New episode dedicated to Sazh maybe ?

  • FaithlessMr

    What annoys me the most about the whole Sazh DLC is that I clearly remember reading not so long ago Kitase (?) say that the DLCs in FF XIII 2 would all be about weaponry, outfits or monsters, no story DLC would be released.

    Guess it’s my fault for actually believing that guy lol.

  • chinglee

    @FaithlessMr, “Final Fantasy XIII was planned as one complete game, and in FF XIII-2 DLC is planned to expand the story so that players can enjoy the game for a longer period of time. Because FF XIII-2 was planned to have DLC from the beginning, that’s how development proceeded. We can’t say how many DLC packs there will be, but they’ll release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.”

    That was from a Gameinformer magazine Issue 219 July 2011.

    After that they announced they type of DLC that you mention, Faithless.

    Also, because it’s Sazh DLC doesn’t mean it’s 100% story related. He could simply be a recruit-able “monster”. One way this could work is like the Omega Boss DLC: You fight him in the Arena and if you win you obtain him.

    What would annoy me is if Sazh is not even shown in the game itself .

    • FaithlessMr

      Hey dude. I suggest that you hit the reply button if you plan on having me reply back because like this I don’t get any notification in my mail box and I wouldn’t know someone answered me back in here, unless per chance I decide to read up on some of the new comments (which I seldom do, tbh).

      Anyway, I read Kitase mention like one week ago? Perhaps two, that the DLC for the game would not be story related. The only type of DLC he said we were to expect would then be weapons, skins and monsters for the battle arena. I’m okay with that.

      I’m not okay with having to pay to have one of the cast members from the original game back, when all the others are on it. It would be nice if your theory was correct, but I hardly see him as a “Monster” we could use in the party. Would be nice if true tho.

      • chinglee

        Sorry,thought I hit the reply button, bro…..or got mixed up with GT forums or something XD

        You did? Well I can say that I follow the game very closely and believe I read most if not all XIII-2 related articles/news/interviews and such and I can’t say I’ve read a single one that shows the devs saying that they will ONLY(sorry for using caps, dunno how to bold letters on this site)release DLC that will be stuff like Weapons, skins and monsters. Maybe only pre-order bonus DLC but not DLC after the release of the game is what will not be story DLC, is what they meant?

        Besides, they mentioned that they will have story related DLC way more than 2 weeks ago so you can’t really say they lied but I can see that since you missed that Gameinformer article stating that there will be such type of DLC, that you’d be annoyed with the devs and thought that they did lie.

        I do hope that I am correct about Sazh’s involvement in the sequel, Sazh is too aweome to be a piece of DLC D:

        • FaithlessMr

          Sorry, it turns out it was Toryama who said it, not Kitase. I’ll just copypaste what he said regarding DLC (and the fact that the DLC does was not to include any new story segments:

          “Download Content

          The game’s DLC is being worked on by a separate team consisting of younger staff. This team is separate from the team that’s working on the overseas version of the game.

          The first DLC will be the boss monster Omega (details here). In general, the game’s monster DLC will consist of boss fights that you fight at a colosseum, an area that can’t be entered in the main game. If you crystalize the DLC boss, you can make it into a party member and take it out from the colosseum with you.

          In addition to monsters, the game will include non-monster enemies as well. While Omega is the first DLC, Toriyama is hoping to release costumes for Serah and Noel quickly. He’s also hoping to release large scale content, as well as content that brings changes to the Historia Crux.

          The current plan is to release download content through Spring of next year at a pace of once every two weeks. Toriyama would not share final DLC pricing, only saying that it’s currently under investigation.

          The DLC will not affect Trophies or the story, Toriyama assured. These areas can be completed with the disc on its own.

          Many of the initial pieces of DLC are actually in the form of retailer specific pre-order bonuses. Square Enix has announced all the pre-order bonus items they’re going to announce, Toriyama confirmed, so you can probably decide where you want to buy the game now. There’s currently no plan to release the pre-order items separately.”

          Here’s the source (I believe it’s okay to post links to other websites?)

          That’s why I felt somewhat outraged at the possibility of this being story or episodic DLC, when we were promised that all DLC would not have to do with story. There’s ofc a chance this has been mistranslated, but…I also read that elsewhere.

          And this was posted on the 22nd of November, 2011, which is more recent than the GameInformer report, from July :P

          • Sal Romano

            @FaithlessMr: It’s perfectly fine to post links to other websites. =P

            Would be kind of weird if it wasn’t, no?

            • FaithlessMr

              @Sal Romano:
              Just being overly cautious I guess :3 Better safe than sorry!

  • Gaara D. Dragon

    The high rating did surprise me even though i was expecting something good.

    Dengeki and Famitsu are my most trusted reviewing sources when it comes to japanese games.

    Any doubts are gone, certain purchase this one.

    • zerolegacy0

      @Gaara D. Dragon: Really because in Japan Famitsu is notorious for being paid off by game companies. Take a read of this post by a guy that works with Famitsu employees on a weekly basis. I think you’ll find that they are not being entirely honest in their reviews.

      • Gaara D. Dragon


        thats not exactly news to me but i can’t say that Famitsu has ever failed me. they very likely exaggerate on purpose but i’ve never felt i was misled, simple as that.

        I mean it’s not about their “honesty” compared to the western press, it’s all about the perspective they give from the japanese market point of view and when it comes to japanese games, i value it greatly

        That said, i read above you canceled your preorder, why is that ?

  • Gaara D. Dragon

    Some say that the bitching around the new DmC is a little over the top. It is NOTHING compared to the “FF XIII sucks” whining.