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Anarchy Reigns pushed to July
posted on 12.15.11 at 11:21 AM EST by (@salromano)
Sega teases 'something with scale.'

Sega today announced a delay in the release of Anarchy Reigns, Platinum Games’ third-person multiplayer brawler, initially set to launch in January. A teasing delay.

Anarchy Reigns brings a new take to the brawler genre and we’ve decided to take a little more time to deliver the full knockout punch. I can’t reveal much now, but it’s something to do with scale. Let’s just say traditional one on one or two versus two fighters will be a thing of the past…” said Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sega West.

Anarchy Reigns will now launch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 3, 2012 in the U.S., on July 6 in Europe, and on July 5 in Australia.

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  • Genesis

    I’m pretty sad about this because I’ve been anticipating it for so long. I guess it’s for the best and I can wait…Various other games shall hold me over for a while

    • Charlie

      @Genesis: Same with me :(
      I was dying to play as Sarah and freeze some bitches.

      • Genesis

        @Charlie: Hahaha Sasha you mean and indeed! I wanted to freeze and stomp some bitches :(

  • captainhowdy

    Good idea. The gameplay videos I saw were bland, it still needs more work.

  • Revorse

    Fuck. That was gonna be my first purchase of 2012. Oh well guess I’ll wait