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Square Enix “creating 10 major IPs;” Deus Ex ships 2 million
posted on 11.04.11 at 03:41 PM EST by (@salromano)
Dungeon Siege and Dragon Quest numbers, too.

Square Enix’s Q2 earnings report came out today, revealing shipment numbers for the company’s latest releases.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, developed by Eidos Montreal, shipped 2.18 million units worldwide, moving 800,000 in North America and 1.38 million in Europe (Japanese numbers were not provided—the game just launched on October 20 in Japan).

Dungeon Siege III, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, shipped 820,000 worldwide, moving 320,000 in North America, 480,000 in Europe, and 20,000 in Japan.

The Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection, shipped for Wii in Japan in September, shipped 350,000.

Square Enix has a three pillar plan for the market, the third step of which involves “creating 10 major IPs.”

View Square Enix’s full earnings report here.

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  • captainhowdy

    Good for SE. Hopefully this will push for more creative and fun games.

  • TheDarkCloud

    10 major IPs. make all RPG!

    By the way, I whant to know something about Versus !

  • Kurai Warrior

    Yeah some Versus news would be wonderful square…cause..you know..it’s been 10 months since we’ve had any. >_>

  • LordKaiser

    It will be good if tri-Ace get’s 1 of those IPs unless they only want games published by Sega…

    • Sal Romano

      @LordKaiser: Aside from Infinite Undiscovery, I really love tri-Ace. I really can’t wait to see what they do with that new tech: http://gematsu.com/2011/04/star-ocean-developer-shows-off-technology

      • FinalFantasy_fangirl

        @Sal Romano:

        I totally missed that articile about their new tech… It looks awesome. I say Bring On Star Ocean or new space odyssey

      • AdamBoy64

        @Sal Romano: Ha, that’s interesting. I’m the opposite – Infinite Undiscovery is the only thing I’ve liked or had an interest in from Tri-Ace.

        I did pick up a PS2 recently so I can try out Radiata Stories, that’ll probably change my mind.

  • That is good. They need to. I would like to see Namco Bandai follow in their footsteps.

  • rockman29

    Ten IPs? With SE’s quality assurance these days, we’ll be lucky if one of them turns out good :P

    At least Eidos will deliver the goods and get most of the job done for them.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Dungeon Siege 3 did better than I thought it would do. Some say I should give it a chance. I hope one of the ten is Kingdom Hearts on Ps3 even if its multiplat that games needs to leave the small screen and get back to the big screen. Im looking forward to everything Eidos is offering Hitman,Croft and Just Cause!

    • @FinalFantasy_fangirl: I thought Dungeon Siege 3 was OK, but it did begin to drag a lot near the end. I’d say if your interest it worth a shot, seeing as the game should be really cheap now (I think it’s about £10 in the UK, so like $20 or something?).

      I definately agree on KH3 too. If theres one series (as well as Sega Valkyria Chronicles) that needs to return home to the big screen it’s Kingdom Hearts!

  • FaithlessMr

    And out of these ten new IPs, the vast majority of them will be uninteresting projects made specifically to cater to “new audiences”.

    SE, just give us rpgs, it’s what you were always good at, and no matter how you try to do any different, it’s all we’ll ever want from you anyway. At least from the japanese division, the eidos side of the company keeps on delivering the good stuff.

    I’ll care for them again when the rpgs start rolling out.

  • LordKaiser

    I remember the first time I heard and saw the first trailers of Kingdom Hearts. I was very skeptical and was ashamed to try a “kiddy” game like that but then I realize how SE brilliantly combined 2 concepts together that don’t combine and I was hooked. Also many of those IPs could be Eidos. I hope they finish up Legacy of Kain series….

  • Charlie

    I’m praying that SE breaks away from RPGs for at least a few games. Don’t get me wrong, their RPGs are gold, just I would like to see something different from them, like in the PS1 era (Tobal, Ehrgeiz etc. etc.).

    • LordKaiser


      We have Dissidia etc. etc.

  • Charlie

    @LordKaiser: True, but that’s still FF….

  • whiteferrero

    Yey! I want new IPs! This will probably be a mix of Rpgs, Fps, and action games. :D But I don’t care, gimme all of ’em.

    On a separate note, I always thought NA was a bigger market than Europe, guess I was wrong.