Rumor: Ico creator Fumito Ueda leaves Sony - Gematsu
Rumor: Ico creator Fumito Ueda leaves Sony
posted on 11.30.11 at 01:54 PM EST by (@salromano)
Sources claim Ueda off to pursue personal projects.

Fumito Ueda, creator of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and the upcoming The Last Guardian, has left Sony to pursue personal projects, according to “Japanese video game development sources” of Eurogamer’s.

Ueda is finishing up The Last Guardian as a freelancer – the reason for the game’s prolonged development period, said the site’s sources.

When contacted, Sony said it does not comment on rumor and speculation.

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  • Sal Romano


  • Sleepygamer

    mother of god

  • captainhowdy

    Please don’t let this be true.

  • chinglee

    As long as he will still keep making great game, I’m ok with this.

  • wccrawford

    Good luck, Ueda! Your fans will be looking forward to seeing what else you produce at your new company!

  • Finalshoryuken

    If the dude wants to spread his creative wings and fly out into the gaming heavens; then I’m ok with that. Just don’t stop being your creative and innovated self, ya hear!? :D

  • vertical09

    Hope sony dont leave the game designs to themselves T^T they’ll proabbly photoshop a cats head on the body >.>

  • hush404

    Hmm. Wonder why he’d do this mid game. That seems kind of foolish.

  • Whoa, this is unexpected! Actually it’s pretty odd, as hush says above, why would he leave midway through such a project? Strange.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    That would be rather odd considering sony lets him do anything he wants

  • Chaos Raiden

    Oh damn. I hope he will not leave Sony. The man is one of the pure geniuses in gaming history.

  • This would suck. :/

  • Charlie

    This is worrying news. I’m a HUGE fan of his games and the art design and direction in them (as you can see from my avatar). As long as he finishes up TLG with SONY, I’ll be happy :)
    But this could also be good news, he could have more freedom to express his creativity as a “freelancer”.

  • Spread your wings and fly…Butterfly (like Mariah “MY DIVA” Carey)

    Hey Sal, Mimi lives in NY like you…LOL

  • NCloud

    Good for him.

  • Not buying into it so easily. Sony could be upset with the long development cycle. You can argue that and understandable. Really though, the been in development for a ridiculous time and he is just freelancing it now and already thinking about other projects before The Last Guardian is finished?