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Namco Bandai to absorb Tales Studio
posted on 11.20.11 at 07:37 PM EST by (@salromano)
Tales developer dissolving to Namco Bandai.

Namco Tales Studio, responsible for development on Namco Bandai’s Tales role-playing game series, will be absorbed into the Namco Bandai Games label on January 1, the company announced.

The studio, formed on March 20, 2003, employs 109 staff (as of April this year).

The studio’s dissolution is likely a situation where it will no longer exist as a company, but still continue to create Tales games under the Namco Bandai Games label. It’s currently developing Tales of Innocence R and Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave for release in January and February 2012, respectively. A Tales of Xillia animation was recently rumored, as well.

Read the PDF announcement (in Japanese) here.

Thanks, Hachimaki.

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  • RedWolfe

    I was seriously about to rage before I actually read the article, lol.

    • Devoted

      @RedWolfe: Me too! :p

      Shouldn’t it be “Namco Bandai to absorb Tales Studio”?

      • Sal Romano

        @Devoted: It could go either way, I think, but I like “absorb” better, as it sounds less confusing.

        I’ve changed the title to suit.

        • Devoted

          @Sal Romano: I understand both options, really. But “absorb” is less rage-prone, I’d say… ;)

          *Edit*: However, judging by the amout of replies in such a short time, “dissolve” was more appealing :p

          • Sal Romano

            @Devoted: We need replies like these on all of our articles! :-P

            • Devoted

              @Sal Romano: Maybe Gematsu needs to generate controversy through the headlines :evil:

              Just kidding, that’d be terrible. |:

        • KingdomPersona

          @Sal Romano: Thanks for that I don’t want people to get the wrong idea and start raging on Namco…again lol :P

    • FaithlessMr

      Same here ahah! I hope this doesn’t have any impact on neither the quality of future Tales of games, nor on the quantity of games from this particular franchise actually being released in the future.

    • KingdomPersona

      @RedWolfe: Me too thank god your one off the few people on the internet who can read before raging :P

  • AdamBoy64

    A strategic realignment, perhaps?
    Could be a good thing indeed.

    • Devoted

      @AdamBoy64: Could be a sign that they want to bring those games to the forefront of their strategy…

      I hope good things come out of this.

  • Sal Romano

    I don’t think this is anything, really. Probably just some sort of company strategy on Namco Bandai’s part.

  • Revorse

    Almost had a heart attack. So essentially this means that Any future Tales games wouldn’t have the Tales Studio label on them?

    • Sal Romano

      @Revorse: That’s what it sounds like.

  • Schtolteheim Reinbach III

    another tales news that doesn’t concern us

  • Pirate King

    Wow…this is sooo news! WTF? I thought they were already NB anyways? So they were a small split off company of NB that will just be NB starting Jan? Okay… No one seen them as anything other than a small team under NB… If that means more resources and money slappin them in the face to make good games, then “Yay!” Good news!

  • Zero

    This goes back to last summer when the studio didn’t do to well in Japan. Graces even was recalled, and it resulted in them piling up a debt.

    I saw this as a possibility and had sorta hoped someone besides Namco-Bandai would get lucky enough to end up with the studio.

    Perhaps this might help things when it comes to the Tales of games releasing outside of Japan…

    We just have to put all our hope in NB now, we don’t have a choice of hoping the Tales of Studio in Japan can do something, since they are now part of NB and the big wigs will have even more control over the franchise.

    My hope is that with the studio now being an official part of NB, we might see them try and actually build on the popularity of the series outside of Japan.

    Which is something that the fans have been asking them to do for years…