Grand Theft Auto V debut trailer - Gematsu
Grand Theft Auto V debut trailer
posted on 11.02.11 at 12:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Fifth Grand Theft Auto returns to San Andreas.

Rockstar Games launched the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. It’s set in San Andreas, by the looks of it—Vinewood, to be specific.

Watch it below. Or, download it for yourself here (MP4) / here (WMV).

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  • rockman29

    Now that’s some GTA I want to see. That looks like the difference between GTA III and San Andreas… it’s got graphics, detail, openness in cities and huge rural areas…

    And flying. Not GTA III/IV half flying. That was flying. Cropdusters to F35s (maybe?). That’s the GTA I love and only now I want to leave it for this.

    That is definitely the GTA I want to see. That trailer is all I needed to have faith back in Rockstar North and GTA.

    Can’t wait. Day one.

  • Mmm…Good i Mean Nice Trailer

  • Not sure what to make of this. Graphically it looks very good, but of course shows nothing of gameplay apart from the clear return to San Andreas. Hmm, slightly underwhelming in a way.

    I really do think they need to change the formula of this series if it is to retain the same success it has previously seen. I can’t speak for anyone apart from myself, but the entire GTA series seems stale to me. I know what to expect, right down to the “going clean” protagonist who moves to the new city etc, as seen in the trailer. Yes, San Andreas as a concept is a brilliant place to have fun in – the locational differences were superb and it had a really well defined sense of a huge, living area. But GTA is not the only horse in the race any more, and for that I really think R* need to do more than just “more of the same”.

    As I said, the graphics in the trailer look fantastic, but is there anything shown here that doesnt just look like it might end up been the same old thing we played 10 years ago?

    (I am not intending to incite an argument by the way. I just know that the criticial response here is going to be huge, but so far I am not feeling it. I actually went back and played SA only today out of interest, and I was left really unimpressed. Anyway, I’ll still follow this game until it’s release, so don’t get me wrong.)

    • rockman29

      @TezChi: It’s perfectly fair. It’s just a trailer, and we all definitely need to see more.

      A good first impression at the very least. And I love San Andreas. I’m glad they are turning right back to it. I personally hope we get a black main character again. I loved how CJ represented the region Rockstar wanted to show off in San Andreas.

    • @TezChi: sorry but i need say this: SHUT UP!

      This is the same series, and of course will have the same formula … I do not know why some haters expect the opposite…

      • @mateuspradosousa: I expected something different because as it stands, the series has grown tired and complacent. GTA is no longer the only game of it’s kind, and in order to stay relevant it needs to innovate. Yes, the game would sell millions even if was just an empty box with “GTA” stamped on, but that is besides the point. There are only so many times the EXACT same formula can be used in a series before it becomes inappurtenant. For examples of this, see things such as Resident Evil 4 which gave the franchise new life, or COD which, on the other extreme, rehashes the same dross every year.

        GTA doesn’t need to be like RE4, or even to completely reinvent itself. It just needs to be something more than the presupposed “Drive to point A, kill man B, run over a few people on the way, go home, drive to point A.” thing. As it stands, the trailer shows very little of the actual game. For all I know, it might be amazing and be everything I and others would like. But somehow…I don’t see it happening yet.

        • FinalFantasy_fangirl


          I dont think your hating!! I believe some series we just don’t stay with like I loved the first uncharted but lost interest in U2 midway and I didnt like Fallout but Im anticipating Skyrim. Personally to me there’s no other game like GTA that gives me such satisfaction when I complete it. If V isnt for you don’t sweat it.

        • @TezChi: What would a game be if it didn’t stick to a certain formula. Games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Super Mario titles, Splinter Cell, Gears of War, Halo, and so on all play alike yet there is many additions to them. If it changes the formula too much than it will alienate the fanbase.

          One of the best things about this series isn’t the gameplay, its the setting, the story, and the characters that make the game fun to play. Rockstar is doing what they are good at and hardly anyone comes close.

        • @TezChi: Your words don’t make sense…sorry…people like GTA for what it is. Besides, Rockstar is very competent, and they know how to evolve its series. If you’re forgetting, GTA IV was a resounding success ultra mega, with a mean of 98/100 on Metacritic.

  • Genesis

    Very interesting and back to Vinewood! San Andreas was hands down the best GTA. I hope that everything comes along well because I am not a fan of 4

    • Rezar

      @Genesis: I saw what GTAIV was going for and it worked for them but it sort of left the sandbox feel that Saints Row has going which made me like Saints Row 2 better than GTAIV. Regardless, I’m keeping my eye on GTAV.


      @Genesis: Agreed! One of my favorites in the series.

  • Rafi

    The best game in the entire galaxy……

  • Sal Romano

    Added our YouTube upload version. If you’ve already watched, WATCH IT AGAIN and give us gajillions of views.

    You know you want to.

    • FinalFantasy_fangirl

      @Sal Romano:

      Consider it done!

  • punkmike

    That trailer was all I needed. Rockstar….you guys are so friggin cool.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    GTA V!!!!.. Looks so freakin good.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    I wouldnt mind a little character customization =}

  • Zero

    Basically what I expected from the first trailer. Lots of question, and little tidbits of possible game play additions in almost every scene.

    Seems like the recession is going to play a big part, we see lots of signs of it in the trailer. Also see several planes and blimps.

    I guess the real question is who is the main talking in the trailer? We get to see an older looking guy, that by all accounts seems to be him, but that doesn’t mean he is the main character, or the only character we will get to play in GTA V.

    GTA IV, with its DLC, really changed things up with allowing you to play as different characters, but in the same world. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them expand on that with GTA V.

    Perhaps we will have multiple lead characters we get to play as? That would be pretty cool in my opinion, could really add even more to the story.

  • Charlie

    I hope they thoroughly improved this one….
    GTA IV felt like a watered down San Andreas.

  • Azure’Sora

    I know im gonna kill alot of female ***** again :D