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Dragon Quest X beta detailed
posted on 11.06.11 at 10:48 PM EST by (@salromano)
Beta applications in mid-November.

Square Enix will begin accepting beta applications for the Dragon Quest X beta in mid-November, it’s announced.

It’s looking for candidates to test the game, report bugs and glitches, have Square Enix Member accounts, live in Japan, and of course, have a Wii with access to the internet.

If you’re not in Japan, you won’t be able to apply, Square said.

Japanese residents who are accepted into the beta will receive a test kit via snail mail, complete with instruction booklet and USB stick. Though, if you have your own means of USB memory, Square can just send you the file—but you’ll need at least 16 gigabytes.

Once in the beta, testers will be able to create their own character—from one of five races—play the story prologue, and take arms against a few bosses. Aside from the prologue, there won’t be any actual story progression, as Square is saving that for the retail version. You won’t be able to use the character you create in the beta in the retail version.

It asks that testers do not share images or video of the beta.

Those who are lucky enough to get in will receive a bonus Drackey cap for use in the retail game (above).

Dragon Quest X Beta Test [Square Enix via Hachimaki]

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    So….why isn’t this on the PS3 with move or whatever?