Xbox World to unveil “killer new feature” for Mass Effect 3; retailer mentions ‘online pass’
posted on 10.01.11 at 02:10 PM EST by (@salromano)
All signs point to multiplayer unveil... maybe.

We didn’t hear about that major Mass Effect 3 announcement this week, but it looks like we’ll hear about it next month, courtesy of Xbox World.

Issue 111 of the magazine, on sale Tuesday, October 25, promises to reveal a “killer new feature” for Mass Effect 3.

Additionally, a flyer for the game surfaced online mentions the collector’s edition of the game includes an “online multiplayer pass and much more” (we’re sure the standard edition includes it, too).

BioWare has yet to outright deny a multiplayer component in Mass Effect 3.

Thanks, NeoGAF, CVG.

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  • IsleyOfTheNorth

    Just… Why? If this is true then Im about to lose a lot of faith in Bioware… Although, now that I think about it, this “Online Pass” thing could be the same as the bonus content thing in new copies of ME2, right? Sigh…

    • Sal Romano

      @IsleyOfTheNorth: “…online multiplayer pass.”

      • IsleyOfTheNorth

        @Sal Romano:
        I really gotta start reading theese things properly.

  • FaithlessMr

    So am I getting this wrong or is the new “killer app” the online multiplayer pass thingie? Coz if that’s the “killer app” then EA can stick the “killer app” up some place I won’t say here.

  • captainhowdy

    I won’t support online passes. Darn you EA.

  • BecBec

    First Origin and now this. Ugh, I hate you EA.

  • Pirate King

    where are you getting your info?! BIoware has stated repetitively that there is NO MULTIPLAYER! Get your facts straight! They have said this for over a year, so how could you NOT KNOW?! They prob didnt recomment on it due to thinking you didnt know how to use a search engine or the internet… This is like asking if ME had guns at this point? WTC man!

    • Sal Romano

      @Pirate King: If you’re referring to the “BioWare has yet to outright deny a multiplayer component in Mass Effect 3” bit, then I assure you I’ve done my research.

      The closest to a denial BioWare has ever said is that ‘ME3 is a single player game’ (source). That’s not an outright denial. That’s a question dodge, by my book.

      Even at E3 this year, Ray Muzyka refused to deny multiplayer for the game (source).

      BTW, I’m not sure what WTC means outside of World Trade Center. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

  • Nasuno

    my best guess is maybe they have something similar to demon souls online co-op where people could “sidekick” a mission and i hope that my guess is right.any more than that would bug me.