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Uncharted 3 DLC season pass announced
posted on 10.18.11 at 06:16 PM EST by (@salromano)
Save 45 percent on 7 multiplayer packs.

If you’re planning on purchasing downloadable content for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, you may be interested in joining the Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC program.

Announced today, the program “entitles you to the first four multiplayer map packs and the first three multiplayer skin packs.”

Available for pre-order now on the PlayStation Store, the program costs $24.99 to enter, and will grant you access to over $45 worth of downloadable content, as they release. You’ll also receive an “exclusive” Fortune Hunters’ Club XMB theme.

The first Uncharted 3 DLC will be released in November.

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  • hush404

    $25? Yikes.

    • Devoted

      @hush404: four map packs and three skin packs “over 45$”? Double-yikes.

      Thank God I (usually) don’t play online :p

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    4 map packs for any CoD costs a total of $60.

    4 map packs and 3 skin packs for U3 CAN cost up to $45 but as low as $25 if u preorder.

    Sadly intelligence and math are not entitlements that are applied at birth to this abysmal crybaby generation of “gamers”.

    I put gamers in quotation b/c I find you whining ass babies to be a poor representation of gamers as the whole lot of you are obviously self entitled and devoid of any redeeming qualities in life.

    F*** this generation……of crybabies.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I should add my generalizations in my first comment are not directed personally at the first two posters in this article. My generalizations about this crybaby generation are just that. Generalizations.

    If my comments offend anyone then its obviously b/c they describe you.

  • captainhowdy

    I’m still not a fan of DLC.

  • Zero

    No thanks Sony.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Uncharted, but I’ll wait it out, until the DLC I want, and think is worth a purchase, is more affordable.