Persona 4: The Golden first commercial - Gematsu
Persona 4: The Golden first commercial
posted on 10.09.11 at 01:07 PM EST by (@salromano)
Atlus begins promotion for PlayStation Vita remake.

Persona 4: The Golden, the PlayStation vita enhanced remake of PS2’s Persona 4, isn’t due out in Japan until spring 2012, but Atlus has already begun airing commercials.

The first commercial, which sports Persona 4‘s key jingle, as well as some small gameplay scenes, can be seen below.

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  • Just 00:17 Second ?
    it’s Ok

    • Sal Romano

      @mdemolish: It’s a commercial. Japanese video game commercials are generally about 15 seconds long.

      • hush404

        @Sal Romano: I wish our commercials were only 15sec long :P

        • Sal Romano

          @hush404: I wish we had video game commercials.

          • hush404

            @Sal Romano: I see some here and there. They’re few and far between tho… and it depends on what channel you’re watching. IE G4 (in Canada at least) currently shows the Gears3 ad every commercial break… sometimes twice… :S lol.

            Actually, our G4 channel (it differs in the states) actually has a whole lot of game specific content on during commercials. Mini reviews, upcoming game lists etc – assume to fill in space. *Shrugs.

  • Azure’Sora

    can’t get enough of persona ;D HUHU