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Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots: Hope, Xanadu, and Academia
posted on 10.27.11 at 11:40 AM EST by (@salromano)
Gorgeous new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII sequel.

Square Enix released new screenshots and artwork of Final Fantasy XIII-2 today, giving us a still look at 24-year-old Hope, as well as Academia and Xanadu.

Xanadu is the giant casino city where you’ll play mini-games like the slots and chocobo racing. Academia is the new capital of Cocoon, replacing Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s Eden.

The RPG is due out on January 31 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Azure’Sora

    i love hope here

  • Chaos Raiden

    If I am a female, I definitely get Hope as my boyfriend. Cute girls like Serah will do for me. :D

  • Sal Romano

    These screenshots are freakin’ gorgeous.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    screenshots are sweet and I can’t wait to explore.

  • Kurai Warrior

    I’m actually considering buying this now… I’ll have my eye on it SE.

  • Good look But i Wish Hope Still teenage

  • hush404

    Who’s the girl(?) with hope?

  • FaithlessMr

    Awesome new locations and gameplay improvements. Stay Classy, FF XIII-2!

    Crystal Edition already pre-ordered :3

  • whiteferrero

    Feral links look awesome! Kweh and Ultimate Grudge now has me curious about what sort of other Feral Links the other monsters would have. :D 1million needles for cactuar!